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Welcome to Lazy S'S Farm Storefront - The entrance to our Online Catalogue 
This is the page with all the 'Fine Print'.  This is the place to find out important information about our business, including Shipping Information, Pot Size, Guarantee, etc.   Last update to this specific, important page

Late Updated: 11/30/2016

Please read the information on this page before you:

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1. All about our Shopping Cart.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Checks, Money Orders.   Orders are charged immediately online. If you have problems with our shopping cart please Contact Us

Payment by check or money order is due within 14 days


We don't accept PayPal because we have to do almost double accounting to offer that with our current system but...

you can use a PayPal Debit Card

Please read info at the above link& set it up prior to check out.



Our shopping cart is secured by


2. Shipping and Handling Method and Rates 

We ship 2-3 day USPS Priority Mail mid March thru early November.  We charge a combination shipping and handling fee: 

          2a.  Shipping and Handling charges explained in detail.  Shipping is expensive but that money goes, not to us, not to the USPS but primarily to the Oil Companies.  Get the gas prices down and the Shipping will go down!


          2b.  Shipping schedule  We ship by USDA planting zone in Spring and then ASAP June thru early-mid Nov.  We don't ship to the Southern West Coast states during the heat of summer.  See the above link for more details.


         2c.  We ship in summer to most of the country but in the heat of summer the customer must bear some responsibility in providing a shady place for the postman to leave the box. We strongly encourage you to print the following:  Message to Mailman  to alert him that you're expecting a shipment and what to do with it.    Or make a note under 'Comments' when you check out and we'll put your note to the Mailman on the box!  Plants left in the sun WILL be damaged.


        2d.  Back Orders   This is one of the most difficult issues facing plant shippers. About 95% of our orders go out as scheduled but sometimes we do have plants that aren't ready at ship time.   Please take a moment to read the information at this link as you will be asked how you want us to handle plants that aren't available at ship time when you check out if you have a small order. 


3.  All about our Plants - Pot size is covered below.


4.  Pot Size:  It is now the law that Nurseries post the pot size they're using and give liquid equivalent.  We applaud our worthy competitors who have their pot sizes and equivalents clearly available to customers!  We use a "trade quart" pot  which is 1.68Pints (794 ml) liquid measure. The top of the pot (4 3/16") which is the same size as the classic nursery quart but the sides taper down a bit and the bottom is somewhat smaller which makes it a nice size for root development but reduces some soil amount in the bottom of the pot to make the plants lighter for shipping.  They are also the same height as a classic nursery quart, 5 1/2" tall.  If we deviate from this pot size we make it very clear on the page where the plants are listed.


5.  Restocking/Cancellation Fee  We do charge a 10-20% cancellation fee on cancelled orders which primarily covers the credit cards fees involved in processing and then canceling an order but also covers office and staff time, especially if orders have been pulled for shipment.


6.  Plant Guarantee - we guarantee that plants arrive in good condition and are properly identified.  Please contact us immediately if a plant arrives in poor condition.  Please do not plant a "poor/damaged" plant thinking you can bring it around and then weeks later, contact us.  We are happy to replace any plant that arrives damaged or in poor shape but want the opportunity to counsel you immediately on it's care and have the opportunity to check plants and/or staff procedures here to make sure there is no problem that would go out to other customers or to contact the Post Office for compensation if damage appears to be their fault.  We can not replace plants that arrived in poor condition unless notified within 3 days of arrival via E-mail with photograph and prior to being planted.


7.  How to Unpack and Care for your New Plants.  

"Well, plants arrived today and opening the box was more exciting than Christmas! You are some kind of garden angels because never have such perfectly formed, healthy, robust plants been delivered to my door! And for such a perfect price. I have carefully unpacked each one-- freeing them from both plastic and moss-- inspected them and must tell you that you have done a splendid job! Really I think you are the best deal in gardening today. Have I gushed enough? Well you ought to know you made my day! Looking forward to many more plants from you."                              Carolyn in Hampton, NH


If you just a want a printed list, here's our Plant List.


We do not have a Printed Catalogue but our website is set up in a format (800 pixels wide) so that it is printable!  So you can actually print your own catalogue selecting only the pages you're interested in and not wasting paper/trees on those you don't want.  We just have way too many plants to offer a printed catalogue.  The cost would be prohibitive and we're honestly against so much wasted paper.


"Catalogers printed 19.5 billion catalogs last year (2006), which is enough for every man, woman, and child to receive 71 each year. What’s worst is that most of these catalogs contain no recycled content and just end up in the trash unused."


If you need help with Common Names

Search our Site or

NCSU Perennials by Common Name

NCSU Shrubs by Common Names 

or try our favorite search engine Google


No Order Pick Up at the Nursery - after trying this for several years it simply wasn't cost efficient -- we didn't make enough money to pay the costly Liability Insurance.   We no longer carry that insurance and thus are not open to the public.

Invasive Plants:


Remember, we're all stewards of the planet.  No plant is worth jeopardizing natural areas!   If we police ourselves, others won't have to do that for us!  Garden responsibly.  Know your State's Invasive Plant List.  A thug in one state is often well-behaved in another for various reasons.  We remove plants that seem to be problems across the country but we rely on our customers to also know what plants are taboo for their state.   A 'Noxious Weed' classification in one state may label a plant that's a well-behaved plant in another state.  Perfect example:  Digitalis purpurea - Common Biennial Foxglove is an asset to most gardens but is listed as a Noxious Weed in the West. And some plants, even Natives, (Acalypha virginica for example) manage to show up on both the Endangered List and the Noxious Weed list simultaneously for the same area!   This is epitome of contradictions making Acalpha virginica an Endangered Noxious Weed!  We do not, in any way, make light of any of this but mention this to show how complicated keeping track of it is.  We do our best but trying to monitor all of our 2000+ plants for all 50 states is a huge job and we have to rely on our customers to be concerned and informed and work with us.   We give you links here so you can easily check on the plants you're interested in for your state.

If the plant is problematic all over, we discontinue it. 

  If a plant is showing as a weed in a few places but not widespread, we'll add this symbol  to the listing with a link to the USDA site so you can make an informed decision about growing it in your state and on your specific property where it might not be a problem at all.

Native Plants:  We list plants as Natives if they're Native to some part of the US.  Plants that are Native to one part of the US but not to another part may be aggressive growers in those States not having the growing conditions, natural predators, pests, etc. that would keep them in check. We can't even say, across the board, that all Natives are good, even in their own state:  Example:  Frageria virginiana, Virginia Strawberry, grows in all 50 states but is also on the Noxious weed list for the Northeast -- where it's from!    

You can see if a plant is Native to your area at the following link. Just click on your state without adding in a plant and you will get a list of all Natives for your State.  We are in the process of a massive change to our website being more specific about whether a plant is a pure Native species or a cultivar (select form of a species) or a hybrid of 2 or more Native Species. 

 US Native Plants Native to some part of the US     A Cultivar or select form of a US Native    Hybrid of US Natives A hybrid of 2 US Natives. 

Link to USDA site so you can check exact states where various Natives Grow.


Disclaimer: Sometimes, a perfectly nice customer and a perfectly wonderful business, for whatever reason, just aren't a good match.   If we feel, based on a previous transaction, that we will not be able to make you happy, we do reserve the right to refuse future orders.  

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