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Introduction to Lazy S'S Farm Nursery Plants     
Our  Navigation Bar.  This exact navigation bar is at the top of every plant page.  From any plant page you can reach any other plant page.  If this is your first visit, we suggest that you go to the title pages in bold - Perennials, Tender Perennials, Shrubs & Trees and/or Vines.  There is general information on each of those pages.  Then move through the various alphabetical listing.  


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We grow somewhere around 2000+ different Shrubs, Trees and Perennials here at Lazy S'S Farm -- all the old fashioned way -- by hand.  We take great pride in the quality of our plants and think you'll find plants grown with a minimum of chemicals (no growth regulators, in particular, and pruned with scissors not chemicals) will grow so much better.  Except for patented plants (which by law, we must buy in as plugs) or the occasional rare new plant, we propagate AND grow all of our plants here at the nursery.  We're not just  plant brokers - but the actual growers!  And we just love what we do!

Please keep in mind, that our online plant descriptions are somewhat slanted, due to our experience, for our Central Virginia location which:


    1.  Is in Zone 7A(6B) with RED CLAY for soil.  We're literally down the road from a Webster Brick facility!  You will see great attention paid to soil drainage.

    2.  Has very hot, humid summers with hot nights.



Rare & New?


Time Tested Classic?



Soil - the real secret to successful gardening.. 

Each plant description addresses what we think is the single most important requirement of plants: Soil.   The huge majority of plants want Well-drained soil.  If, like us, you have Clay soil, you must take this need for Well-drained soil into consideration.  (Being on a hill made of clay does not guarantee that a plant needing Well-drained soil will survive -- it's just living in a 'clay bowl' on a slant so some water runs off but some still collects in the clay bowl.)  If you have clay soil, you either have to stick to plants that don't need Well-drained soil or do as we do and use raised beds.  The huge majority of plants will not survive in clay soil, even on a hill.  Also, if we say the plant wants Acid or Limey soil, you are going to be much more successful if you make your soil more acid or limey.  


Our Guarantee:  We guarantee that our plants are true to name and arrive safely.  Please notify us immediately if a plant arrives damaged and we will replace or refund depending on availability.  (Although, fortunately, that almost never happens due to our excellent packing method.)  Once a plant is in it's new home, there are too many factors completely out of our control for us to guarantee their longevity:  varying gardening abilities, dogs, moles, voles, weather, soil conditions, pH, etc.  We will replace plants damaged in transit but do reserve right to have the material returned at our expense for horticultural evaluation, to present to the Post Office and/or often we can often salvage the plants, even though cosmetically damaged, which helps offset the cost of replacement.  Often, a digital photo will suffice as well.


We hope you have a great gardening season and we do thank you, in advance, for allowing us to grow plants for your garden!

Debby, Pete & The Staff at Lazy S'S Farm Nursery



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