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Knitting and Hobbies in my Spare Time!
Don't expect this to be a long drawn out Blog on Knitting!  If I have spare time, I knit, not write about it! This is just something Pete (yup my husband) and I do in our spare time, mostly at night watching TV!  Recuperating from back to back knee replacement in 2012 and confined to bed or recliner, he was bored out of his mind, read a lot of books, played a lot of computer games.  With Christmas coming, I suggested he try Loom Knitting and Big Burly Man that he is, he said "Okay"!  Well knock me over!  He made a ton of Christmas presents for our Dec. 12th new Grandson and our 5 year old Granddaughter.  When I wasn't finishing off his projects, I had time for a few of my own!  One reason we switched from a Retail Garden Center to Mail Order was so we could spend more time with our family on weekends and in that regard, we made a great choice!  As you might guess, with a REAL job at the nursery, I can't answer questions or give advice on knitting!  When I retire maybe...  :-)

If really interested, look me up on Ravelry as OmaSheu and read about our knitting with patterns, etc:   http://www.ravelry.com/people/OmaSheu

New grandson Beckham in his Caterpillar Cocoon - hope he doesn't eat our plants! Granddaughter in her Christmas Hat with Mistletoe.  Hope 5 year old boys don't know what that is! And a 'bag' of Christmas Baby, born Dec. 12th - what a Christmas present. All dressed up for the Super Bowl 2013!
A Foxy Hat and Mittens for Carolanne!  Loom Knit. Grandpa 'Opa' made most of these for Carolanne for Xmas to match her new sweater.  I do the finishing, embroidery and boring weaving in of the 'ends'! :-)  He does the fun part!  Mostly Loom Knit
Grandma 'Oma' made this for Carolanne!  Hand knit and embroidered. Hand knit vest for my son Vince. Smokey the Cat Supervises all knitting, including what eventually became a hat for Son-in-Law Mario! Carolanne and Kari in their new hats!
Mostly Loom Knit.  Snowy Owls for Christmas decorations to celebrate our new little Baby Who-o-o-o! Brand New Grandson Beckham in his knit hat, Cable Knit, button on vest, pants and Booties!

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