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Lazy S'S Farm Nursery -- Inquiring Minds

There are a number of subjects that come up in our business.  We thought we might start addressing some of them on our website.  We will add topics as time permits.


Must Reads!

How to Harden Off Plant  both in the spring and if you're somewhere windy or hot

What is a Trademarked Plant and why you should know and care!

When should I stop Planting in the Fall?  It's your responsibility to know - so find out!  :-) 

     Unlike spring frost dates by zones which is readily available, there's no one good source for us to use so the customer needs to check

     locally with experts in their area.

What are Growth Regulators?  (And why we don't use them!)

"This is the best and most comprehensive explanation of plant growth regulators that I have ever seen. Buying plants at a garden center or a large retail chain will be certain to have chemical additives applied. We will never use them on our plants and we believe that separates us from our competition. Thank you Lazy S's Farm Nursery!"  


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Read as needed!

Arborvitae or Leyland - Which is Better? Well, it depends...

Bradford Pears - What we've been saying for years - don't plant them!

Dry Shade - One of the toughest problems is made easy with this big list of plants!

Gardening in Clay Soil - What to do!


What we do in our Spare Time


Machine Embroidery

Cooking (coming eventually)  Pete's a super cook!



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