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Lazy S'S Farm Nursery Gift Certificate 
A 'E-Gift Certificate' can be the Perfect Gift for your Gardening Friends and Family!

After placing the order (click appropriate basket at right) and receiving your instant online confirmation YOU will receive:

A 2nd E-Mail with a E-Gift Certificate (see below) that you can personalize and forward to the recipient.

* You can print this E-Gift Certificate and hand it to the recipient and/or

* You can forward that E-Gift Certificate to the recipient's E-mail address.  E-mailing the Gift Certificate has an advantage in that the long Gift Code can be Copied and Pasted from the mail during the check out process AND the recipient will have an online link to our website.

An E-Gift Certificate looks like the following.  If you want to see a full size copy, click E-Gift Certificate  You will receive this page just as it looks here as an E-Mail and can write your own personal note at the top and forward to the recipient.




To Order a Gift Certificate just click here:


   $25.00 Certificate  
   $50.00  Certificate 
   $75.00  Certificate  
   $100.00 Certificate  
If you want a larger amount, simply order multiples of the above - one recipient per order.

Gift certificates must be ordered separately from plant orders

Gift Certificates are valid for 1 year from the date issued.

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