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Recently Added New Plants




Contact Us at Lazy S'S Farm - but we'll bet the answer is here!  :-)

There are over 5000 of you at last count and 2 of us answering mail along with growing and shipping plants!   Please take a moment and read this page so you can get a speedy reply and we can serve all 5000+ of you effectively. 

Most of the questions we get are actually answered below or with the plant's listing.  :-) 


We truly can't answer questions about landscaping, planting suggestions, pest control, etc. but there's a wealth of information at these wonderful sites:

     The National Gardening Association   or     Dave's Garden Forums


You will get faster responses if you take a moment to contact the person who answers your type of question.

Order Related Questions:  write to  (This is a graphic vs. a clickable link which invites SPAM)

     Questions about a SPECIFIC order that you've placed.  

     Please include the order number.  If you don't have an order number, this is not the person to write to!


     To save you writing the often asked question:

         How to Add to an Order:  You can add to an order if it isn't scheduled to ship within the next 8 days. 

        Just place another order, select 'Ship with Previous Unshipped Order' when checking out to get an adjusted S&H rate.

        We will then combine orders in house.

        We can't add to your order in house because we don't have (nor want) access to your credit card information. 

             PLEASE don't write and ask us to add to your order.  We can't.  It has to be done by you online.



Technical Problems :  write to 

 For problems of a shopping cart/software/technical nature or Errors or Problems you're having on the website but the answer is probably right here:

     How do I change quantity?  Change the 1 to 2 (or what you want) and click Update which locks in the quantity.

     My card was declined and now it looks like I've been charged twice.  Nope, not so!  A declined transaction consists of a temporary

         charge and then a near instant void.  The void just doesn't show up for a few days.  Each order can only have one charge after

         which the cart is emptied so there can never be two real charges.



General Questions, write to    if your question isn't answered below.

    Pot size:  We use Trade Quart Pots (TQt.) which are 1.68Pints (794 ml) liquid measure.  (This is at the top of every plant page)

    Plant price: To the left of the plant name above the shopping cart button with the plant listing

    Plant height -- in general, our boxes are 13" tall and plant plus 5" tall pot must fit so most plants don't exceed 8" in height

             Some trees (and a few perennials that can't be cut back are taller than 8" but in general most plants are 6-8" tall or shorter. 

             Plants are cut back periodically so that they remain in a shippable size for our boxes.

   No Plant Catalogue - We don't have one -- we're an Internet based business and can't justify cutting down a forest to print a massive

             catalogue when orders have to be placed online anyway!

   Quantity Discount - We are Retail growers and have No Wholesale Discounts

   USA Shipping Only - we don't ship outside the US or to Hawaii or Puerto Rico

   Common Names - can be placed in the Search feature if you don't know the Botanical Name

   How many do you have in stock?  Type the plant name in the 'Search' box, upper right corner of most pages.  The results will show

              you exactly how many we have in stock at that moment.  

   Is the plant I want Available?  If you can put it in your cart, we have it. 



Plant availability write to    for questions like these:

         "When will this plant be available again?" 

          "I'd like to order more than you show available?

          "Can you get/grow more for me",

          "Can you put me on a waiting list, etc.



We are a family run business.  Our staff works Monday thru Friday.  We personally do work on weekends (plants are still thirsty, of course) but do try to take some personal time on the weekends to spend with our children and grandchild, so please understand that if you write on Friday night, you may not hear from us until Monday.  However...

If you do not hear from us in 48 hours, assume that there is a problem, possibly a mistyped E-Mail Address and write again.

Phone Calls:  For many people, picking up the phone and calling a business seems like the easiest way to communicate.  Unfortunately for us, that's not the case.  We're rarely ever near a land line and are in a DEAD Cell Phone Zone and when we come in at night, trying to return 50 phone calls at hours that you wouldn't want to hear from us isn't nearly as efficient as returning 50 E-Mails.  With E-mails we never reach an answering machine and have to start playing 'Phone Tag'.  Furthermore and mostly importantly,

E-Mail is both a form of communication AND a verbatim record of that communication.  It can be filed, printed, moved to a 'To Do' list.  We can serve customers much better and efficiently via E-mail than by phone.

When you place an order, you will be given our phone number immediately on the instant confirmation page but generally, we respond more quickly to E-mail than to a phone message -- you will almost never catch someone sitting idly by the phone - if you do, let me know and I'll put them to work!  :-)  You will almost always get the answering machine. 

Also note that we can not accept phone orders, orders via email or orders by regular mail.  We are only set up to take orders through the online shopping cart system.   Even if paying by check, the order needs to be placed online.


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