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Lazy S'S Farm Shopping Cart Information

1. Our website depends on your Browser allowing Permanent Cookies (as opposed to Session Cookies - which last only as long as you have a site open).   This is true for many websites -- Amazon.com and  Barnes and Noble for example.

2.  If you're having problems with the shopping cart, Contact Us

3. Our new shopping cart is very secure:  It's on a Secure Private Virtual Server and credit card information is encrypted with 128-bit encryption. Our Orders are processed by the Highly Reputable Quickbooks Merchant Services. 


Secured by RapidSSL

Our shopping cart is secured by RapidSSL

Strong 128 / 256 bit encryption, industry standard SSL


4.  Credit cards are charged when the order is placed.  This guarantees that the plants are being held for you, even if you place the order months in advance.   We understand that sometimes, folks don't want to have their card charged until right before shipment and that is certainly your choice but for us to hold the plants for you and not sell them to others, they do have to be paid for.  If you wish to pay nearer to ship time, just place the order when it's convenient for you to be charged.  There is a chance that we'll be sold out of a plant but having us hold plants placed early does requirement payment in advance.


5. Clarification of how a Shopping Cart works   or   "It was in my Shopping Cart and now it's sold out."

Please realize, that unlike a real shopping cart in a store, when you put items in ANY Online Shopping Cart, it is not really yours until the order is submitted!  You can have items in our cart for up to 5 weeks while you shop and make up your mind BUT these items are not actually yours until you pay for them.  (This is true for ALL shopping carts - not just ours.) 

What this means is that you can have items in your cart and by the time you place your order, we could be sold out, especially if they're in your cart for extended lengths of time.  We say this, not to rush you, but just so you understand how a cart works.  This is true of ALL CARTS, not just ours.  We've had several questions about this recently and felt it needed to be addressed here on the Storefront.

If you are shopping online, realize that we grow a lot of plants -- about 2000+ varieties of Perennials, Shrubs, Trees, Vines, etc. in a season -- but we only grow a limited number of each variety.   If you have your heart set on something, you should place your order as soon as possible.  Plants are not held until the order is actually placed and paid for.    They are not yours when they're in your shopping cart -- someone can grab one and run to the check out! 


6.   We are a completely web based business.  All orders must be placed online.   Why we don't accept Phone Orders. 


Contact Us for a quick response to your questions!