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Lazy S'S Farm Shipping and Handling Information            updated 2-22-10

About 30% of shopping carts are abandoned when the customer finds out what the shipping will cost be.  We'd like to keep that from happening if possible with us by explaining our shipping system.

Online vendors have a myriad of ways to calculating Shipping and Handling.  After much research, we decided on actual online USPS Priority 2-3 Day Mail rates plus a minimum handling charge which covers the things that would be identical whether we're shipping 1 plant or many, many more.  Our shipping costs are EXACTLY what the USPS charges for Priority Mail and in fact the USPS actually calculates the shipping cost live online and then our handling cost is added.


The Packing Costs are covered in the plants price with a *6 plant or more order: - boxes, stakes, rubber bands, spaghnum moss, plastic bags, labor to pull, wrap and box the orders.   BUT if you only order 1 plant for example, there is insufficient money to cover packing the order.  $1.00 won't even pay for the box!

For orders of less than 6 plants we have a Minimum Handling Charge on a sliding scale:

The Minimum $6.75 Handling Charge covers shipping 1 plant:  The above packing costs PLUS Office time to download, process, print, and file the order, time spent reading and writing E-Mails, office supplies (maintaining printers, printer toner, paper  etc) labor for paperwork, filing, printing shipping & care labels, and plastic shipping pouch.  These items/costs are virtually the same regardless of whether you order 1 plant or many.  Handling charges also cover shipping labels and plastic pouches AND the folks to apply them.  These activities take the same time for 1 plant or 6 hence the minimum charge.

Sliding Packing and Handling Charge for 5 plants or less - 

1 plant   $6.75 Handling

2 plants $5.40 Handling

3 plants $4.05 Handling

4 plants $2.70 Handling

5 plants $1.35 Handling

6 plants or more 35 cents per plant flat rate for handling  -

at this point, there's enough plants with the dollar built into the plant price for packing supplies along with 35 cent per plant handling to put us a break even


Small orders still aren't, nor will ever be, cost efficient from S&H standpoint per plant for the buyer OR for the shipper but we still allow the purchase of as little as one plant.  If you only want 1 plant, even with the minimum $6.75 Handling cost, it's still less expensive than being forced to buy 2 or more plants or place a minimum monetary order ($30 or $40 minimum isn't unusual in the trade).

Many vendors force you to place a minimum plant order.  $30 or $40 isn't unusual.   We don't force you to purchase any number of plants or spend any dollar amount on an order, but obviously we can't lose money shipping just a few plants with insufficient handling funds to actually process and ship the order. 

2.  A quart plant, BOXED and PACKED weighs an average of 1.7 pounds. The true weight varies some by plant and season.  In summer, our plants weigh more because we have the soil totally saturated before shipping.  Some plants have more foliage, some have more woody stems and weigh more.  After weighing many, many orders, we arrived at 1.7 pound per plant boxed on the average.  Obviously plants weigh less when they arrive -- plants use up some of the moisture and some simply evaporates in transit, especially in summer.

Want to compare us to other online nurseries?  


When you're comparing shipping rates, take into consideration

Pot size and shipping method and

Whether they include handling in the plant price or include it in shipping. 


One big company , for example, ships mostly 3" pots by UPS 5-7 day ground.  We don't grow anything in a 3 inch pot and feel plants need to be in your hands in 2-3 days for LONG TERM SUCCESS -- so, our rates are higher, our plants are bigger and they don't sit in dark box with no water for 7 days so when they get to you they're happy plants that look like they were just picked up at a nursery.  Also, we tell you what size our plants are.  Many companies do not EVEN THOUGH IT'S THE LAW.  If you search long enough on a site, you may find out their pot size and/or that they ship bare root which weighs much less.  So when comparing shipping rates between companies, you can't really do it at a glance.  We could barely do it after we worked on it for weeks.  If there ever was a case of comparing apples and oranges, shipping rates for plants by Mail Order is it!


Note:  We reserve the right, with online notice, to change the shipping rates at any time we find we're losing money or the postal rates go up!  

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