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All about our Shipping Schedule                               updated 1-7-13

1. Our Shopping Cart System calculates USPS Priority Mail rates (our only shipping method) and handling for your exact zip code.   Mail order is expensive but not because we're gouging you!  Shipping by any method:  UPS, Fed EX and USPS (and gas for their trucks and planes) are just expensive.   

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About our Shipping Rates  


2.  In Spring, (March - May) we ship by: Planting zones and by order number (first ordered first shipped provided it's time to ship to you area).

After the Spring rush, starting roughly in middle of May-June, we ship ASAP, usually 7-10 days after the order is placed. 


3.  You are notified within a few days that your order has been received and given a scheduled ship week.  We ship Mon-Wed. (Thursday if necessary) to arrive Thursday/Friday (Saturday if necessary)


4 West Coast Residents in these states:  AZ, CA, ID, MT, NV, OR, WA  

Plants to the above states must be  treated with certain chemicals per your state's requirements  to prevent Japanese Beetle infestation.  We are now able to ship under a Compliance Agreement with the VA State Dept. of Agriculture and your state which means we can now ship weekly rather than monthly and plants are in soil less mix rather than Bare root.  Much easier and plants arrive in great condition.  Occasionally this chemical, Dursban, causes the plants to be a little 'aggravated'.  You must agree in advance that if the plants arrive stressed that you will contact us immediately for advice and to go on record BUT that you agree to give them a couple of weeks to settle down and adjust to the chemicals that YOUR state requires.  This doesn't happen often and plants generally bounce right back but our normal policy "if it arrives stressed or damaged, we replace immediately" has to be tempered a bit with West Coast 'dipped' plants.   


The Dursban makes some plants more sensitive to heat in transit and they MAY need a few weeks to readjust.  Providing a clearly designated cool arrival spot (shaded porch, etc.) is usually the single biggest factor in preventing stress!  Sitting in a hot box in the sun WILL, flat out, result in heat damage.

We start shipping to the West Coast mid to late April. We can't ship to the West Coast before late April because of the zone 3-5 cold in the center and upper center of the country where the plants have to travel through and possibly change planes in airports that are still very cold.  We stop shipping in the heat of summer to the Southern HOT West Coast States of AZ, CA, NV and resume in September.


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