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 About our Plants                   (This page opens in it's own window.  Just close it when you're finished.)


Plants are all listed alphabetically by Botanical Name.  Simply click on the letters at the top each page to view all the plants that start with that letter.   (There's a link on each plant page for your to look up plants by Common names.)


Because we propagate our own perennials and to maximize our greenhouse space, new Plants will go online the entire season as they become ready!  If you don't see what you want today, check back (or see Recently Added Plants link on the top of each Plant Page).

About Plant Size and Age

In general in April, our plants are 8-9 month old plants started from divisions, cuttings and occasionally by seed in July of the previous year.  Plants are sold in industry quarts.  Having said that, you must realize that plants grow at wildly divergent rates!  Some plants are bursting out of their quart pots in July and a few, especially those grown from seed or with normally small bulbs, etc. may be just starting to look good.  We try when possible to point this out.  

The same is true for root mass -- by early spring, our Asters, for example, always have robust roots that are filling the pot.  Some plants will NEVER have roots that would fill a quart pot  - not even in several years of growth.   Hypoxis hirsutis, Trillium grandiflorum, Dicentra canadense or D. cuccularia or some Alliums for example will not have enough roots to fill out a quart pot.  They simply don't grow that kind of massive root structure and if they naturally go dormant, have no roots at all!  

If you buy a ROBUST Aster tataricus 'Jindai', which by July is literally splitting the plastic pot and you buy an Agave (Manfreda virginica), they are going to be extremely different in size and root mass.  Our Manfreda (Agave) virginica are grown from seed and the first year, they make a humble appearance like the classic Perennial that "Crawls the first year, walks the second and runs the third."  That is their nature!  It doesn't mean the small plants are of reduced quality or not 'ready'.  It simply means that that is the typical size of a 9 month old plant.  We don't ship plants until they're ready but for a few plants, being ready does not mean having a massive root ball.  We'll all be dead before Hypoxis hirsutis fills a pot with roots (unless you're ridiculously young at this moment!)  But even 3 small bulbs will just bloom their little hearts out all summer from the first year -- little doesn't necessarily mean they're aren't ready to 'go to work' in your garden.  As we are updating our website, we're going to start to designate the few plants that are naturally small as "9-monthers" to give less experienced gardeners the option of not buying them or asking us for Fall shipment, when the plants are more established.  We forget sometimes that everybody out there doesn't know everything about every plant including it's natural growth habits! :-)


Very Important New information about inventory:  This year, our shopping cart will keep track of inventory & say sold out when a plant is sold out or Insufficient Quantity.  This is very important to know because if you order 5 of a plant and we only have 3, there will be a slight problem.  You will have to go back and try a lesser number to get the order to go thru.  It won't let you order what we don't have!  

BUT it also doesn't know what's coming along in the greenhouse!  Because we produce our own plants, we may only be temporarily sold out or temporarily have insufficient numbers.  When the shopping cart notifies you that there is 'insufficient stock', it will also give you an E-Mail address to write to check on availability. You need to mention the plant name when you write but then we will be able to tell you if when and if we're going to have more.  

You won't lose your place where you're shopping or where you are on the website.   It's useful because with this many plants and this HUGE website, sometimes plants are actually ready and we just haven't managed to find time to update the inventory. (Never enough hours in the day!)  It's not always that simple but sometimes it is!   If we determine that we're truly sold out for the season, there's usually a white "Sold Out" beneath the shopping cart.  If that's the case, you can still write but we're probably not going to have the plant until next year. 

If you are shopping online, realize that we grow a lot of plants -- about 2500 varieties of Perennials, plus Small Shrubs, Vines, Trees, etc. in a season -- but we only grow a limited number of each variety.   If you have your heart set on something, you should place your order as soon as possible.  Plants are not held until the order is actually placed.    They are not yours when they're in your shopping cart - someone can grab one and run to the check out!  (This is true for all shopping carts by the way, not just ours.)  They are only yours when they're paid for.


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