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Oversize Plant Shipping Surcharge 

Our Shipping Boxes are 12" or 13" tall.  Occasionally a shrub or (more likely) a tree is simply too tall to fit in our normal boxes and would be harmed by being cut back. This would happen to a tree for example that can't have the central leader pruned.  If the tree/shrub is soft and flexible, we can often bend the top gently over to get it to fit or make a false bottom in the box and put the one tall plant on the diagonal which gives us some extra length. 

In addition to a few tall trees, occasionally Tall 'Aroid's  (Arisaema, Amorphaphallus) or  Lillies that can't be cut back means we have to go up to a 36" long tube box for the oversize plant.  The use of a long box is a rare exception. (Maybe a hundred in an entire shipping year.)

We charge one $4.00 oversize fee for an order that has a plant(s) that we simply can't get into our normal boxes. 

We pay the difference in postage and cover the cost of the extra box, labels, labor to deal with the 2nd box, so basically cover at least half of the expenses.

Fortunately, if you order more than one tall plant, we can tape the tube boxes together and ship them as one so even if there are multiple tall plants, there's only one $4.00 Fee.

Should this happen, we contact you for payment of the $4.00 oversize plant shipping surcharge.  But it's really pretty rare.


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