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 Choices  - when 1-2 plants  aren't ready at ship time on orders of 8 plants or less.

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Every grower of plants has an occasional order where most of the plants are ready but one or more aren't ready.  Here, maybe one in every 50 orders has a plant that's not ready.  It's really not very often. And it's not a problem on large orders.  We can usually work around delaying a 2nd box to cover the 'not ready' plants on large orders.  It's when 1-2 plants aren't ready on small to medium orders of 8 or less plants.  There simply aren't sufficient funds within the Shipping and Handling paid to cover a 2nd box. 

Up thru 2007, we shipped all back orders, even one plant, at our expense but a cost analysis of this at the end of 2007 showed that when we did this, particularly on a small order, shipping a single extra plant, cost us the profit on the entire order and sometimes more depending on how far away the customer was.  Our accountant was very quick to point this out this was illogical.

"Well, isn't it your fault when plants you've sold aren't ready?" you might ask.

Sometimes, when a plant isn't ready at ship time, it is actually, in some way, our fault.  Often, however, when plants we've put online for you to order aren't ready, it's most often due to things outside our control:  delay of plugs from a supplier, plugs arriving younger/smaller than expected, really lousy weather that's slowed a crop down or other things that would have to be blamed more on Mother Nature than us.  Based on 30+ years experience, we can make a very, very good estimate at how long a plug will take to become a rooted plant BUT we can never discount the weather/sun or delays from wholesalers in that process.  Sun and temperature can throw our predictions right out the window!

Starting in 2008 we opted to give the customer some options up front which should make the problem of 1-2 plants not ready on small orders at ship time less of a problem. 

"Why don't you just delay the entire order?"  you might ask.

Succinctly put, it's just not that easy!  Unfortunately, when pulling thousands of plants for shipment for the next week, the Pullers don't know that an order is missing a plant until they start to collate the plants from the various houses into orders.  At that point, we can't afford to put the plants back in their various 6-7 growing houses and then re-pull them the next week.   And there's insufficient space to hold part of an order over in the packing greenhouse and/or the light in that medium shade temporary packing house isn't appropriate for holding them that long, so they must ship once they're pulled. 

Occasionally we can delay the entire order, but not often:  Obviously if 6-7 or less of the exact same plant aren't ready, we just reschedule the order.   Or if 6-7 of the same plant aren't ready but two that were ready and pulled came from a nearby house (rather than 1/4 mile away where some of our houses are), we can put the two plants back.  It's the reverse that's the problem -- 6-7 plants Different plants ordered, pulled from many different houses and 1 isn't ready.   That's where the problem is -- a lot of plants coming from a lot of places and 1 or 2 not ready.  At that point, we have to ship and make a decision about the 1-2 plants not strongly rooted.

If it's 3 or more plants not ready and/or the order has 9 or more plants, there's sufficient S&H money from your order to cover (or nearly cover) shipping an additional box and we just Back Order the Plants.  We use the profit on the unavailable plants plus what you've paid for S&H originally to cover shipping the 2nd box.  Obviously, we only break even on the later plants, but it seems like reasonable customer service.

Your choice then is to tell us what to do when it's 1-2 plants lightly rooted in a small to medium order (8 plants or less).  Of course, if they're not rooted at all vs. lightly rooted, we of course, wouldn't ship them

These are the choices during Check Out:  Just select your preference.

 In addition to the above, you can choose to list substitutes: There will be a box for you to make any comments you might like about substitutes (or anything else for that matter.).  This could be very specific or very general.  Anything that might help us ship all at once AND make you happy.  We NEVER make substitutes unless you tell us to.

You can also list a Deal Breaker Plant:  One that you must have for us to fulfill the order.

These options are made available during Check Out but this gives you the background to make an informed choice.

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