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Saccharum (Erianthus) ravennae   Raven Grass    Listed on the  Grass Page


We have so-o-o-o many Salvias, they have their own page!



$9.99 Qt.

Sanguinaria canadensis     Bloodroot       Zone: 3-9          

Sanguinaria canadensis Choice woodland plant with large 7" scalloped blue-green leaves and 2" white flowers. The leaves embrace the flower stem as they emerge. A welcome sight when you're looking for spring. Dry soil will make the plant go dormant early. 

Soil: Humus rich, moist but well-drained       H: 10-12" W: 12"     B/M: White/3-4

US Native Plants

$25.99 Qt.

Sanguinaria canadensis 'Multiplex'      Double  Bloodroot        Zone: 3-9          

Sanguinaria canadensis 'Multiplex'        BloodrootIdentical to our Native species but with amazing, fully double blooms.  A plant experienced gardeners lust for but can rarely find.  Just as easy to grow as the single form, multiplies readily.  Bloom size plants.

Soil: Humus rich, moist but well-drained       H: 10-12" W: 12"     B/M: White/3-4

US Native Plants

$49.99 Qt.


Sanguinaria canadensis 'Roseum'         Pink Bloodroot        Zone: 3-9          

Sanguinaria canadensis 'Roseum'         Pink Bloodroot A limited and rare pink flowered form our our Native Bloodroot.  Easy like the species.  Expensive not because it's a fussy, collector's plant - just pricey because it's extremely rare.  Oddly enough, to get this native, we had to have it shipped from Japan!  Bloom size plants.

Soil: Humus rich, moist but well-drained       H: 10-12" W: 12"     B/M: Pink/3-4  

US Native Plants

$9.99 Qt.

Sanguisorba menziesii       Menzies' Burnet       Zone: 2-9   

Sanguisorba menziesii       Menzies' BurnetAn ornamental Burnet hailing from Alaska and Washington!, Beautiful in mass with deep reddish bottlebrush blooms over low mounds of lacy grey-green foliage.  Cut back foliage if it looks summer weary and it will provide all brand new foliage!  Deadheading increases the bloom time.  Gardeners really need to learn the value of Burnets!

Soil: Most any but dry       H: 29-35"   W: 16-18"        B/M:  Deep reddish Maroon/5-7

US Native Plants

Attracts Butterflies

$14.99 Qt.

Sanguisorba minor 'Little Angel'    Dwarf Variegated Burnet    Zone: 4-8  

Sanguisorba minor 'Little Angel'    Dwarf BurnetA stunning new introduction from the Dutch breeder Marco Van Nord.  The charming dwarf features compact green and white variegated foliage with maroon flowers on slender stems in late summer.  Best in part shade.

Soil: Most any but dry       H: 12"  (24" IB)   W:         B/M:  Deep reddish Maroon/5-7

Attracts Butterflies

$10.99 Qt.

Sanguisorba officinalis 'Tanna'     Tanna Great Burnet       Zone: 4-9  

Sanguisorba obtusa 'Tanna'     Tanna Japanese BurnetWidely grown in Europe, the ornamental Burnets or Bottlebrushes are just starting to make the gardening scene although this species was introduced in 1860!  Beautiful, tough and dependable with ferny blue foliage.  Tanna is much deeper, toward reddish burgundy than the pink species.

Soil: Most any but dry               H: 18"   W: 12"      B/M: Red/7-10

US Native Plants

Attracts Butterflies

$10.99 Qt.

Sanguisorba officinalis 'Chocolate Tip'     Great Burnet                  Zone: 4-9  

Sanguisorba officinalis 'Chocolate Tip'     Great BurnetFerny blue foliage on a native plant that's beautiful but tough.  Deep  'Chocolate' maroon blooms.


Soil:   Most any but dry           H: 27"   W: 16"     B/M:  Maroon/7-10

US Native Plants

Attracts Butterflies

$9.99 Qt.

Santonlina rosmarinifolia   Lavender Cotton, Holy Herb, Ground Cypress, Petite Cypress  Z: 6-8      

Santonlina rosmarinifolia   Lavender Cotton, Holy Herb, Ground Cypress, Petite Cypress Compact grey-green finely-cut foliage with gold button blooms. The best Santolina for ease in growing. Does well even in compacted & wet conditions, unlike other lavender cottons. Will also take light shade. Strong pine scent. One of Pete's favorite plants.

Soil: Most any, alkaline             H: 15" W: 12-18"          B/M: Yellow/ 6-7 

What you're saying ... "Plants arrived last week exactly when you said. They are healthy and gorgeous!  I planted them in Maine on Saturday morning. They were so happy, if you got close you could hear them humm...Maine was cool and wet and they took like plants that had been there forever.   Thanks."  5/28/03    Linda   Brookline, ME Key to symbols

$9.99 Qt.

New 2018

Saponaria lempergii 'Max Frei'    Soapwort, Max Frei    Zone: 5-8    

Saponaria lempergii 'Max Frei'Showy masses of bright carmine pink 1" blooms literally cover the plant for a long period in midsummer. Handsome, oval, blue green foliage on a refined, compact plant. Try planting it in front of a Caryopteris or Veronica Sunny Border Blue. WELL-BEHAVED, Excellent soapwort.

Soil: Well-drained         H: 6-8" W: 20"    B/M:  Pink/ 6-7 

$9.99 Qt.

Saponaria ocymoides     Soapwort, Cote D'Azure Pink     Zone: 3-9    

Saponaria ocymoidesA much branched, delicate variety If not sheared, it will self-seed.  Extremely cold hardy BUT that does depend on well-drained soil.

Soil: Well-drained       H: 8-10"   W: 24-36"      B/M: Pink/5-6


$9.99 Qt.

Saponaria officinalis 'Flore Plena'  Double Flowered Soapwort or Bouncing Bet   Zone: 3-9    

Saponaria officinalis 'Flore Plena'It's called Bouncing Bet, because it does bounce around via self seeding and underground runners but gosh it's so pretty and looks so-o-o-o great with other plants, that you should make some room for it if you have a place that it can SAFELY roam about!  This is really a beautiful, long blooming plant! 

Soil: Well-drained     H: 24" W: Slowly indef.    B/M: Pink/ 6-8 with deadheading 

This plant can be weedy or invasive according some sources in certain parts of the country.  It has never left the bed it was planted in here BUT it's your responsibility to check and see whether it's okay in your location.  Weeds in the US.  Probably not allowed in CA or KY


$14.99 Qt.

Saruma henryi     Upright Wild Chinese Ginger     Zone: 5-8         

Saruma henryiOne of the best introductions to come out of China in years. This rare Aristolochia family member is clothed w/ 5" wide fuzzy, light green, heart-shaped leaves. From early spring through late summer, it's topped with 3/4" buttery yellow flowers. You will see a few self-sown seedlings after the 2nd year. RARE. CHOICE! 

Soil: Well-drained            H: 24" W: 36"           B/M: Yellow /4-8

Chinese Plants/Chinese Native
What you're saying ...

"WOW!   They arrived and I am very impressed.   Perfectly packed, perfect sizes and I canít wait to get them in the ground!   Thanks so very much!"

RAY, Solebury, PA

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  Sauromatum venosum     Voodoo Lily         Zone: 6-9      

See listing under: Typhonium venosum


$9.99 Qt.

Saururus cernuus    Lizard's Tail       Zone: 3-9   

Saururus cernuusWhile it's typically thought of as a submerged plant, growing into small colonies from underground runners but it also grows in moist spots and drainage ditches so if you have a swampy spot in your yard, it's a marvelous plant.  Reaching 2 feet tall, it's topped with arching bottlebrush spikes of white flowers, usually 6-8" long but can be longer.  The seeds are small nutlets that resemble a lizard's tail.  3" long leaves can be either arrowhead-shaped or heart-shaped and the leaf stalks form clasps where they join the stem.  

Soil:  Moist to wet       H: 24-36"  W: Indef.        B/M:  White/June

Saxifraga fortunei

When gardeners think of Saxifrages they often think of difficult to grow Alpine Rock Garden plants that bloom in spring, then fissile out.  We carried those for awhile and gradually killed most since hot humid summers in VA are nothing at all like the Alps!  Now we're introducing one of their cousins that are just the opposite in looks and temperament and bloom time:  Saxifraga fortunei,  larger plants with leathery leaves almost like those of a succulent and of congenial disposition.  Original cultivars were brought to Europe from China by avid plantsman Robert Fortune but our rare selections below are from Japan with bloom colors other than the more common white.  If you have a terrible shade spot where nothing impresses - plant these and from September to Christmas when very little blooms in the shade, these gems will just sparkle!  Work lots of compost into the soil so it drains well.  They are happy nestled up into protected corners between rocks and show off so well there!  WINTER DORMANT after blooming.

$19.99 Qt.

Saxifraga fortunei 'Eiga'    Velvet Saxifrage             Zone: 5-8(9) 

Saxifraga fortunei 'Eiga'See general description of S. fortunei with this listing.  Clusters of tightly packed, near red blooms in large panicles will stop you in your tracks when you see them blooming in a protected spot in your part shade to deep shade garden in late fall.  Red stems and scalloped edged mid green leaves can also show green burgundy, red and purple through the season.

Soil: MOIST but well-drained       H: 8-12  W: 8-12"     B/M:   Near Red/9-12 varying w/ location

Chinese Plants/Chinese Native

$19.99 Qt.

Saxifraga fortunei 'Hi no Mai'     Velvet Saxifrage              Zone: 5-8(9)

Saxifraga fortunei 'Hi no Mai'

See general description of S. fortunei with this listing.  Deep pink pink with double petals.  Most S. fortunei and S. stolonifera have unequal petals lengths on each bloom.  But you see the extremes when this double form goes to strut it stuff from very tiny short petals to long dramatic petals on one flower.  An absolutely exquisite, unique flower.  'Hi no Mai' has double, magenta to pink flowers in large open panicles on red stems.

Soil: MOIST but well-drained    H: 8-12  W: 8-12"       B/M: Deep Pink/9-12 varying w/ location

Chinese Plants/Chinese Native

$19.99 Qt.

Saxifraga fortunei 'Namiyama'       Velvet Saxifrage           Zone: 5-8(9)

Saxifraga fortunei 'Namiyama'       Velvet SaxifrageSee general description of S. fortunei with this listing.  Saxifraga fortunei 'Namiyama' opens from near red tiny petals which eventually change and lengthen to 2 long pink petals and 3 shorter white petals and all the while looking like panicle of acrobats from Cirque de Soleil!  Truly an astounding feat accomplished by Mother Nature - like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, morphing into the spectacular.

Soil: MOIST but well-drained       H: 8-12  W: 8-12"     B/M:  Pink, Red & White/9-12 varying w/ location

Chinese Plants/Chinese Native

$10.99 Qt.

Saxifraga x arendsii 'Purple Robe'    Mossy Saxafrage         Zone:

A compact and free-flowering plant that's perfect in the shady rock garden and looks stunning trailing over a wall.  Dislikes humidity of the deep south. 

Soil: Well drained    H:   W:      B/M: Carmine Red

Saxifraga stolonifera -  Strawberry Begonia

More well know than S. fortunei, Strawberry Begonia isn't a Strawberry or a Begonia!  A stronger grower than S. fortunei, it needs a little more room to romp around but is EXTREMELY easy to grow.  Blooms from spring until Fall with white blooms.


Saxifraga stolonifera 'Maroon Beauty'  Strawberry Begonia      Zone: 5-9         

Saxifraga stolonifera 'Maroon Beauty'  Strawberry BegoniaA strawberry saxifrage with deep colored leaves with maroon overtones and maroon underneath. Leaves are marked with silver markings, stems are red and the runners are bright red. Leaves take on darker shades of purple maroon as winter temperatures go down. Leaves and stems are fuzzy. Truly beautiful and most photos do not do this plant justice. Neatly colonizing, making it a good groundcover. Covered with delicate white/pink flowers.

Soil: Well-drained           H: 6" (18"IB)   W: Indef.          B/M: White/5-6

$9.99 Qt.

Saxifraga veitchiana       Rockfoil     Zone: (5-6)7-8       

Saxifraga veitchianaChinese native woodland groundcover. White occasionally pink flowers in mid-summer on 12" stems.   Adequate moisture. The "Red Carpet" groundcover for moist places--thick solid rounded leaves in profusion, each covered with showy red hair. Hardy in zone 6 with protection. Gorgeous when in bloom & not as 'pushy' as Saxafraga stolonifera. 

Soil: Moist but well-drained           H: 4-6"  W: 18"      B/M: White rarely pink/6-7

Chinese Plants/Chinese Native

Schizachyrium scoparium 'The Blues'  Grass, Little Bluestem Grass    Listed on the Grasses page.

What you're saying about us...

...just a quick note of thanks for the beautiful plants I received yesterday.  These are the best plants I've ever seen from mail order after 25 years of ordering plants.  They are beautiful.  Thank you so much.

Mary Beth, Cordova, TN 9-06


$10.99 Qt.

Schizostylis coccinea 'Coral'    Kafir Lily, Crimson Flag      Zone: (5)6-9  

Schizostylis coccinea 'Coral'    Kafir Lily, Crimson FlagFrom September through Frost, Kafir Lily puts on a shameless display of bright Coral flowers. Long Iris-like foliage and solid blooms somewhat like Candy Lilies. It's a great color in the Fall Garden often dominated by gold, rusts and yellows. Great cut flower. The soil must be well-watered or moist. Beautiful with Blue Asters! More cold hardy than most sources report. Once the blooms started here, they just continue in abundance in our quart pots until mid-November.

Soil: Ave. to moist    H: 30"  W:12"     B/M: Coral/9-10


US Native Plants

Chinese Plants/Chinese Native

$9.99 Qt.

Scilla (Barnardia) scilloides      Chinese Squill      Zone: 4-8           

Scilla scilloides      Chinese SquillNow classified as Barnardia. Slender, bulbous perennial. Mauve-pink, star-shaped flowers in late summer and early autumn but foliage stays neat and attractive all season.  As many as 40-80 racemes per plant. From China, Korea, Taiwan and Japan. 

Soil: Well-drained           H: 6-8"  W: 8"         B/M: Mauve-Pink/8-9 

Chinese Plants/Chinese Native

$9.99 Qt.

Scilla sibirica 'Alba'   Siberian Squill    Zone: 2-8        

Scilla sibirica 'Alba'Beautiful white bell shaped, nodding flowers in May right after the snow crocuses.  One the best for forcing - just bring a few in from the garden and pot up inside for Christmas blooms.  One to two blooms stalks with 2-3 blooms per stalk.  The thin, grass-like, dark green leaves emerge from the ground in early spring and are soon followed by the blooms.  Multiplies readily and best in drifts planted near a walk way so you can see them up close.  Definitely one of the prettiest spring blooming bulbs.  Atypical Roots

Soil: Well-drained            H: 6" W: 6"          B/M: White/4-5

$11.99 Qt.

Scilla sibirica 'Rosea'   Siberian Squill    Zone: 2-8        

Scilla sibirica 'Rosea'   Siberian SquillBeautiful rose bell shaped, nodding flowers in May right after the snow crocuses.  One the best for forcing - just bring a few in from the garden and pot up inside for Christmas blooms.  One to two blooms stalks with 2-3 blooms per stalk.  The thin, grass-like, dark green leaves emerge from the ground in early spring and are soon followed by the blooms.  Multiplies readily and best in drifts planted near a walk way so you can see them up close.  Definitely one of the prettiest spring blooming bulbs.  Atypical Roots

Soil: Well-drained            H: 6" W: 6"          B/M: Rose/4-5


Scopolia carniolica    Russian Belladonna      Zone: 5-9         

Scopolia carniolica    Russian BelladonnaGreat plant for early spring flowers that follow the dark flowering varieties of Hellebores. They start to flower from the time they emerge from dormancy with thimble shaped flowers that are maroon on the outside and yellow on the inside. Quite a unique flowers.  Dormant in the summer, so don't forget where they are planted!

Soil: Moist to wet      H: 14"   W: 30"       B/M:  Maroon/4-5


$16.99 Qt.

Scrophularia buergeriana 'Lemon and Lime'  Sticky Germander   Zone: 6     

AKA Teucium vicidum 'Lemon and Lime'.  Beautiful ;mounds of bright lemon lime foliage with lavender flowers.  A bit of a spreader but not crazy!  And in places like dry shade, the tendency to spread is useful as a groundcover.  Best in morning sun to light shade, most any soil.  Best with some water in summer.  A tought long lived perennial.

Soil: Most any      H:18-24"  W: 35-35"     B/M: Lavender

Attracts Butterflies

Attracts Hummingbirds

$9.99 Qt.

Scutellaria baicalensis     Skullcap     Zone:  4-8      Sun/light shade

Scutellaria baicalensisBushy, upright grower with long, glossy leaves and intense cobalt-blue flowers from early summer to early autumn.. One of the best. From Mongolia. Perfect in the rock garden or any well-drained, raised bed.

Soil:  Light, gritty, neutral   H: 8-12"  W: 8-12"   B/M:  Blue/6-9

Deer Resistant

$9.99 Qt.

Scutellaria incana     Downy or Hoary Skullcap         Zone: 5-8     

Scutellaria incanaA Northeastern US Native that gets a 5 Star Rating from MOBOT!  A very tall skullcap with two-lipped, purplish flowers flowers in summer over toothed, oval medium green leaves.  Square stems are covered with minute white hairs, hence another Common Name, hoary (hairy) Skullcap (which refers to the skull or helmet shaped calyx of the bloom.   Come up late in spring, so don't go digging where you planted them thinking they're dead!

Soil: Well-drained       H:  24-36"   W:  18-24"       B/M:  Blue with white/9-10

Deer Resistant


$9.99 Qt.

Scutellaria suffrutescens        Pink, Cherry or Texas Rose Skullcap       Zone: 6-9         

Scutellaria suffrutescensCherry red flowers, low twiggy shrub 4-6" tall, sparsely hairy. Leaves oval, rounded tips, slightly clothed in hairs like stems on short petioles. Seeds black and granular. From the northeast corner of Mexico but hardy in Zone 6 to 9, mostly sunny to full sun. Beautiful 'hooded' flowers.  Wonderful and hard to find in the trade. Takes our humidity. Zone 6 hardiness per Colorado State.

Soil: Very well-drained        H: 4-6" W: 15"             B/M: Cherry Red/6-10

Deer Resistant


Sedum (Hylotelephium) spectabile 'Beka' Autumn DelightSedums, Hylotelephium & Sempervivums

(Hens 'n Chicks and Stonecrops)


We have so many Sedums, Hylotelphium and Sempervivums that they have their own page!


$10.99 Qt.

Selaginella braunii     Arborvitae Fern        Zone: 6-9        

Selaginella brauniiFirm, dark green, front-like erect branched leaves on a Fern Ally.  Like all fern and their allies, it doesn't develop blooms and seed but reproduces by divisions and spore bearing leafy cones (strobili).  From China, this unique plant is a clump forming species.  Of easy culture and very eye-catching.    Plant of the Week for 2-7-03 by Oregon University's Cal Lemke.   THIS IS NOT A SHRUB but can be confused with an evergreen shrub in summer when it's mature!  

Soil: Organically rich, well-drained soil     H:12"  W: 12"     B/M:   na

Chinese Plants/Chinese Native

$10.99 Qt.

New 2018

Selaginella uncinata       Peacock Spikemoss    Zone: 6-10            

Selaginella uncinataPeacock Moss is possibly the most beautiful ground cover in the woods. Semi-evergreen, lacy foliage -- like a cross between an upright moss & a fern. The metallic blue, almost iridescent sheen, in a flicker of sunlight, will stop you in your tracks! From China. Needs a rich, moist but well-drained soil. Provide protection the first winter. 

Soil: Moist but well-drained       H: 1-2" W: 6-14"+    B/M: None 

Chinese Plants/Chinese Native


Sesleria caerulea    Blue Moor Grass     Listed on the Grasses page.


Setcreasea pallida is now listed as Tradescantia pallida on the T page


$9.99 Qt.

Sibbaldiopsis tridentata   Shrubby Five Finger, Three-Leaf Cinquefoil, Wineleaf Potentilla  Z: 2-7  

Sibbaldiopsis tridentata   Shrubby Five Finger, Three-Leaf CinquefoilThe single representative of the Genus, this Native is found in the Northeastern US and somewhat down through the Appalachians.  It has toothed leaves with 3 palmately arranged leaflets and numerous white blooms in clusters that resemble those of Potentilla as does the entire plant.  Leaves are evergreen but red-hued in winter.  Endangered in 5 states.  It grows in droughty habitats with poor soil and little competition.  In the home garden it won't compete with other plants, especially in good soil.  Best in a sunny sharply drained, acid rocky garden. Dislikes summer heat.  Divide every 3-4 years or when crowded.  This is not a plant for a beginning gardener.

Soil:  ACID, Dry, sharply-drained, poor      H: 4-12"   W:        B/M:  White/6-8

US Native Plants

$12.99 Qt.

Silene virginica        Firepink       Zone: 4B-10A           

Silene virginicaFire pink which is really red is a striking sight whether you come across it around a bend in the woods or in your own garden where, with care, it's even more spectacular. The red tubular flowers are a favorite of the ruby-throated hummingbird, who has impeccable taste in flowers! 

Soil: Woodland       H: 4-6" (12-18" IB)  W: 9-18"          B/M: Red/4-6

US Native Plants

Attracts Hummingbirds

$10.99 Qt.

Silphium perfoliatum     Carpenter's Cup     Zone: 5-9         

Silphium perfoliatumTN.jpgAlmost impossible to get seed to germinate but worth the trouble! A big, bold, back-of-the-border plant with incredible perfoliated leaves that hold rain like a cup. From midsummer to autumn, bears yellow daisy like flowers up to 3" across. Grows in average soil, but moist, heavy, best. Also neutral to alkaline best. 

Soil: Moist best             H: 96" W: 36"            B/M: Yellow/ 8-9 

US Native Plants

Attracts Butterflies

What you're saying about us...


"Greetings!  I just wanted to let you know my order of Trifolium repens Dragons Blood arrived safe and sound earlier this week.  I am sooooooooooooooooo HAPPY and sooooooooooooo IMPRESSED with the health and quality of the plants and the care and thought that went into packaging them for shipment!  OUTSTANDING JOB!!!  I LOVE my Dragons Blood Clover!!!!  It's healthy, not a sign of 'shipping' stress to be seen! THANK YOU !!!   THANK YOU!!!  My only REGRET is that I did not find your site/company earlier in  the growing season.  You should be proud of the quality plants and service you provide at a more than reasonable cost!!!!!"

Michele, Shakopee, MN

Key to symbols

$9.99 Qt.


Sisyrinchium angustifolium 'Lucerne'    Blue Eyed-Grass    Zone: 5-9         

Sisyrinchium angustifolium 'Lucerne''Lucern' has a gold eye and rich blue purple star shaped blooms. Easy, dependable and quick to multiply. In the Iris family, actually. Charming.  3/4" flowers are very good sized for the genus.  Blooms for 8-10 weeks.   Named by Robert Herman, who found it in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Soil: Well-drained   H: 10-12" (30" IB)     W: 12"      B/M: Rich Blue/ 5-6 


$9.99 Qt.

Smilacina racemosa     False Solomon's Seal    Zone: 4-9    

Smilacina racemosaSimilar to Solomon Seal but with distinctly different flowers, that look like white Astilbe blossoms at the end of the pink stemmed branches, followed by bright red berries. Easy to grow; colonizes. Takes several years to reach mature size. Tolerant of drought.  A must for the woodland garden. 

Soil: Rich, woodland          H: 24-30"  W: 20"          B/M: Ivory/Spring

US Native Plants

$15.99 Qt.

Smilacina japonica f. magna    Japanese Solomon Seal             Zone: 4-8     

Smilacina japonica f. magna    Japanese Solomon SealSmilacina japonica is the Japanese counterpart to our native false Solomon's seal, with creamy terminal clusters of flowers in spring.  The form magna has an even large flower than the species..  Densely hairy stalks.  Makes a great spreading shade groundcover in time. 

Soil: Moist but well-drained best         H: 18-36"   W: 20"        B/M:  White/4-6 


Goldenrods Deserve Some Respect!

We couldn't have said it better than Sandra Mason U. of IL Extension Office in her online Homeowner's Column (9/15/01):  

"Goldenrod is the "Rodney Dangerfield" of the plant world. It gets no respect.  Could be it is just too common since some species are found growing in ditch banks or it maybe its lovelessness is due to its misguided association with hay fever.  Ragweed that blooms at the same time as goldenrod is the actual culprit in hay fever problems."

(Our note:  Goldenrod is not wind pollinated so it CAN'T cause hay fever.  Ragweed is wind pollinated and it the culprit.)

Because it's a Native and many species are seen growing in the wild, it seems too common in the US.  Not true in Europe, however, where it's a 'Must Have' and gets 'The Respect It Deserves'!  Give the following a second thought!  They're great Butterfly attractors and superb, superb cut flowers.

Solidago comes from Latin words which means "I make whole", reference to it's long history of medicinal uses! 


$10.99 Qt.

Solidago shortii 'Solar Cascade'   Short's Goldenrod 'Solar Cascade'     Zone: 3-9        

Solidago shortii 'Solar Cascade'

Beautiful golden-yellow blooms born in the axis on the stems in clusters on reflexing, cascading stems in late summer and on into Fall.  The foliage is deep green and glossy and remains tidy and clean through the season.  A clump forming Goldenrod, not an aggressive runner.  This knee-high Solidago is more compact then 'Golden Fleece' but tall than 'Fireworks'.  Drought tolerant when established.  Super performer in perennials trials at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden.  Breathtaking in masse.

Soil:  Moist but well-drained     H: 24-30"  W: 12-24"   B/M: Yellow/ 8-9   into seasonal arrangements."

Attracts Butterflies

$9.99 Qt.

Solidago rugosa 'Fireworks'  Goldenrod, Fireworks    Zone: 2-9       

Solidago rugosa 'Fireworks'Brilliant golden showers of flowers in early Autumn. In this form, flowers flare out above the leaves, like fireworks, for a spectacular display. Goldenrods do NOT CAUSE HAY FEVER -- they're not wind pollinated -- it's Ragweed that causes Hay fever. This is a great plant and combines beautifully with so very many Fall blooming Perennials.  Chicago Botanic Garden 'Best Plants' and shown in the above photo.

Soil: Well-drained   H: 24-36" W: 24-36"   B/M: Golden/9-10 

Attracts Butterflies

$10.99 Qt.

Solidago x 'Little Lemon' PP17927  Solidago 'Dansolitlem'    Dwarf Goldenrod            Zone: 5-9

'Little Lemon' has dense racemes of the lightest yellow-flowering Goldenrod in the trade.  The dwarf size reaching 8-10" in bloom and very free branching habit makes this a great addition to the Fall perennial border.  Blooms for several weeks in August and September and if cut back for another flusher later.   A hybrid of natives.

Soil: Most any      H: 8-10" IB  W:        B/M: Yellow /8-9

Attracts Butterflies

What you're saying about us...

Regarding an Aristolochia order: 

"Thank you so much for following up on this for me.  What service!  I'm very impressed.  I am a butterfly gardener, and am so excited to be getting them.  Thank you so much.  I might also mention that I checked out Lazy S's Farm on Garden Watchdog - there is nothing but praise for your operation and you are thought of very highly!  Just wanted to put in my 2 cents for you."                         Elizabeth, Okemos, MI

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$14.99 Qt.

Speirantha convallarioides        False Lily of the Valley         Zone: 5B-8        

Speirantha convallarioides        False Lily of the ValleyAKA, Spierantha.  Very similar in appearance to the real Lily-of-the-Valley.  With glossy, dark evergreen leaves from 8-12" long, it grows in deciduous forests in China.  Unlike it's look-alike, it spreads by rhizomes to slowly form small colonies - maybe a yard wide in 10 years.  An extremely rare and lovely groundcover for the shade garden.  The only plant in this Genus!  White bottlebrush type flowers.

Soil: Average to rich, well-drained        H: 10"  W: 36" in 10 years     B/M:  White/4-5

Chinese Plants/Chinese Native

$15.99 Qt.

Back in stock!!

Spigelia marilandica     Indian Pinks       Zone: 5-9      

Spigelia marilandicaA prized Southeastern wildflower rarely offered for sale. Delicate, carmine-and-yellow flowers bloom in the heat of summer, continuing from July to September. Native to shaded woodland areas but adapts to full sun if given adequate moisture. This neat, slender plant grows 12 to 24" tall. 

Soil: Fertile, well-drained      H: 24" W: 18"       B/M: Red & yellow/7-99

Wow!   Always, every year, one of our top 10 best sellers for very good reason!

US Native Plants

Attracts Hummingbirds

$10.99 Qt.

Spiranthes cernua f. odorata 'Chadds Ford'     Fragrant Ladies Tresses    Zone: 5-10       Spiranthes cernua f. odorata 'Chadds Ford'This hardy native orchid bears slender spikes of vanilla-scented white flowers in summer. Flower stalks rise 18 to 24 in. tall above a basal clump of grassy leaves. While it prefers moist soil in sun it's perfectly happy in average moisture in part shade.. Absolutely stunning in bloom. Delaware native is propagated here at the nursery. Smells like Jasmine. 

Soil: Average to Moist   H: 24-36" W:   B/M: White/7-8 

US Native Plants

$9.99 Qt.

Stachys coccinea     Scarlet Hedge Nettle       Zone: 6-9         

Stachys coccineaOne of the best perennials we've seen in a while. Soft-hairy, emerald foliage bears spikes of red, tubular flowers with flaring lips from mid-summer to frost. Easily grown, blooming the first year from seed. Fairly rare & highly recommended. THIS PERENNIAL IS DESTINED FOR GREATNESS! 

Soil: Well-drained       H: 12"  W: 7"      B/M: Red/6-10      Native

US Native Plants

Attracts Hummingbirds

  Stachys densiflora see S. monnieri farther down  

$8.99 Qt.

Stachys grandiflora 'Rosea'   Stachys Rose       Zone : 5-7      

Stachys grandiflora 'Rosea'Foliage on basal rosette is rippled lettuce green with scalloped edges. Dense spikes of pink flowers 1 1/4" long from EARLY SUMMER to EARLY AUTUMN! This is a great, unknown plant that's hard to beat for length of bloom.

Soil:   Well-drained      H: 24"  W: 12"     B/M:  Clear rose pink/6-9

$9.99 Qt.

New 2018

Stachys lanata 'Silver Carpet'     Silver Carpet Lamb's Ear    Zone: 4-9    

Stachys lanata 'Silver Carpet'     Silver Carpet Lamb's Ear A NON-FLOWERING (rarely flowers) type used for silvery foliage effect in front of border or as a ground cover. Doesn't 'MELT' in summer heat and humidity like the species. Never looks good in pots in the greenhouse --it's too humid and they get too crowded -- but looks fabulous in the garden.

Soil: Well-drained       H: 6" W: 24"      B/M: None 

$9.99 Qt.

Stachys minor 'Lavender'       Stachys, Dwarf Lavender        Zone: 6-9        

A creeping mat with neat, crinkled green leaves shaped like a long triangle, 1/2" wide & 1 1/4" long, which forms evergreen clumps. Leaves are very aromatic when crushed. Easy & useful for enhancing other late flowering plants such as sedums. This plant and the following are some of the blooming-est plants in the summer garden.

Soil: Well-drained            H: 1" (6" IB)  W: Indef.        B/M: Lavender 6-8 


$10.99 Qt.

Stachys monieri 'Hummelo'      Alpine Betony, White Betony       Zone: 4-8       North Light Shade South

Stachys monieri 'Hummelo'      Alpine Betony, White Betony 3" tall spikes of deep fuchsia blooms by the dozen!   Groundcover-like habit and long, narrow, textured shiny dark green foliage.  From German breeder Ernst Pagels and it received the highest rating out of 22 Stachys studied in the Plant Evaluation Trials at the Chicago Botanic Gardens.  Appreciates PM shade in warm climates.  Spreads politely by stolens.  Plant 12-18" apart for groundcover effect.

Soil: VERY well-drained     H: 12-14" (18-20") IB   W  12-18"       B/M:   Deep Fuchsia /7-9


$12.99 Qt.


Stachys strictiflora var. strictiflora      Chinese Stachys   SunLight ShadePart Shade    Zone: 6-9  

Stachys strictiflora var. strictifloraThis plant is unheard of outside of China!  We purchased it as a parent plant from China as Phlomis medicinalis, which it wasn't. Finally, using Harvard records & line drawings dating back to 1938 & using a magnifying glass to see hairs on leaves & bloom, we got the correct ID!  Strongly stoloniferous with varying bloom color - pale pink, pink to light purple. Beautiful & seems tough as nails!  In 2007 we were the only source in the country for this plant.

Soil:  Average              H: 18"  W:  Indef.        B/M:  Pink to lavender/5-6

Chinese Plants/Chinese Native

$9.99 Qt.

Sternbergia lutea  Yellow Fall Crocus     Zone:  7-9 Possibly colder if planted deeper & mulched     

Sternbergia luteaBulbous perennial that looks like a Yellow Crocus in Fall. 1 1/2" goblet-shaped yellow flowers. Narrow, lance-shaped, deep green leaves to 12" long. From Spain and Afghanistan.  A very pretty plant, grown best on warm gravelly soils but not fussy. Flowers freely but rarely sets seed. It is thought by some to be the Biblical 'Lilies of the Field', as it grows abundantly in Palestine.  Interesting article at Suite 101 on what they call "arguably the best Fall flowering bulb for the garden".

Soil: Well-drained        H: 6"  W: 6"          B/M:  Yellow/Fall

  Stipa - Feather Grass   Listed on the Grasses Page  
  If you don't have at least one Stokes Aster you're missing one of the most blooming Perennials in the trade.  They're just blooming machines!  And is as pie to grow!  And they're Native!  Deadheading encourage a flower display from early summer through September.   LONG LASTING CUT FLOWER.  

$9.99 Qt.

Stokesia laevis 'Blue Danube'      Stokes Aster     Zone: 4-9    

Stokesia laevis 'Blue Danube'A classic - blue with a white center.  2-3" wide fluffy deep sky blue flowers on erect stems growing 12-18" tall and an 8" tall evergreen rosette.  'Blue Danube' is very erect and doesn't flop as some do.  Good drought tolerance.  Appreciates winter mulch in the the colder parts of its range.

Soil: Moist but well-drained     H: 12-18"  W: 12-18"       B/M: Deep Sky Blue/6-9

$11.99 Qt.


Stokesia laevis 'Elf' PPAF'    DWARF Stokes Aster     Zone: 5-10    

Stokesia laevis 'Elf' PPAF'    Stokes Aster     Zone: 5-10    

A dwarf selection with vibrant 2" Electric violet blue blooms is short of stature but big on bloom power!  Unlike other Stokes Asters the blooms are domed (like an Aster) rather than cupped so they are more easily seen from any angle, rather than just looking straight at the plant up close.  The shortest Stokes Aster in the trade with the darkest green leathery leaves.

Soil: Moist but well-drained       H: 8" (12"IB)  W: 10-12"         B/M:  Violet blue/

$9.99 Qt.

Stokesia laevis 'Klaus Jelitto'  Stokes Aster, Blue     Zone: 4-9            

Stokesia laevis 'Klaus Jelitto'Unusual lacy, cornflower-like flowers at the stem tips. Evergreen, basal rosettes. Highly decorative border plant & good cut flower. Takes summer heat or winter cold w/ ease. Needs well-drained soil. Klaus Jelitto  features HUGE 4" powder blue blooms. Superb! 

Soil: Moist but well-drained      H: 12-18" W: 12-18"       B/M: Powder blue/6-9

$9.99 Qt.

Stokesia laevis 'Mary Gregory'  Stokes Aster, Yellow    Zone: 4-9    

Stokesia laevis 'Mary Gregory'Uniquely colored Stokes Aster -- Yellow blooms just keep on coming if deadheaded. Great cut flowers, beautiful in the border, evergreen and huge flowers. Introduced by Niche Gardens. This is such a color breakthrough for Stokes Asters. 

Soil: Moist but well-drained     H: 12-18"  W: 12-18"       B/M: Soft Yellow/6-99

$10.99 Qt.

Stokesia laevis 'Purple Parasols' PP10660         Stokes Aster     Zone: 4-9    

Stokesia laevis 'Purple Parasols'A selection of one of our best Native Plants - Stoke's Aster.  The bloom starts out initially light blue, becoming darker blue, then bluish purple to reddish purple and finally dark hot pink.  Deadhead to keep it blooming all summer and remember, no waterlogged winter soil for this drought tolerant beauty.

Soil: Moist but well-drained     H: 12-18"  W: 12-18"       B/M: Purple/6-9

$9.99 Qt.


Stokesia laevis 'Wyoming'  Stoke's Aster, Blue    Zone: 4-9     

Stokesia laevis 'Wyoming'Broad, lance-shaped green leaves with white midveins. Prefers moist, well-drained soil but established plants tolerate poor, dry soil.  Long-blooming if kept deadheaded. Wyoming has large, blue flowers.   Wyoming self-seeds a lot which is either what you want in a groundcover or not.  Others we have seem to self seed less. 

Soil: Moist but well-drained     H: 12-18" W: 12-18"       B/M: Blue/ 6-9

What you're saying about us... "I received my order today and wanted to thank you for such wonderful service.  The plants look great, not harmed by the shipping at all. I was skeptical about ordering via the internet rather than sticking with a local nursery but am really pleased. I'll definitely do this again. Thanks so much. "

Deborah , York, PA

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Aster - SymphyotrichumsSymphyotrichums - Asters   

have their own page!

Recently all New World or Native Asters were reclassified with a new name - Symphyotrichum.  And now, to go with their new name, they have their own page!


$10.99 Qt.


Symphytum 'Goldsmith'   Variegated Comfrey    Zone: 4-8         and almost full shade

Symphytum 'Goldsmith'A stunning variegated form of comfrey with heavy substanced, crinkled green leaves to 4" long with a creamy margin.  It is much more restrained than other forms.  Cutting back stems after blooming encourages rebloom.  AKA Symphytum ibericum 'Jubilee'

Soil: Most any        H: 9-12"  W: 12-18"       B/M:  Pink, blue, or white - varies /5 

Attracts Butterflies

$10.99 Qt.

Symphytum grandiflora 'Rose'    Rose Blooming Comfrey    Zone: 5-8      ()

Symphytum grandiflora 'Rose'    Rose Blooming ComfreyA form of the species with many showy rose colored nodding flowers. Spreads by underground stolons and will eventually form a dense, weed resistant ground cover - deer, rabbit and vole proof!  Site carefully because like all stoloniferous plants, it does continue to spread.  Tolerates almost total shade.

Soil: Most any        H: 12-18"  W: 18-24"         B/M: Rose/5-6


Attracts Butterflies

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