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Asclepias tuberosa 'Hello Yellow'  Butterfly Weed

Attracts ButterfliesAsclepias tuberosa 'Hello Yellow'

Asclepias tubrosa Butterfly Weed

Attracts Butterflies

Asclepias tubrosa

Asclepias incarnata  Swamp Milkweed

Attracts Butterflies

Asclepias incarnata


Lobelia x 'Sparkle Divine' Cardiinal Flower

Attracts ButterfliesLobelia 'Sparkle Divine'

Attracts ButterfliesAster tataricus 'Jindai'




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$11.99 Qt.

Macleaya microcarpa 'Kelway's Coral Plume'    Plume Poppy      Zone: 4-9    

Macleaya microcarpa 'Kelway's Coral Plume'Grown for bold, showy habit which includes pinkish iridescent fuzzy scalloped leaves to 8" across and airy Coral flower heads to 12" long. From China & Japan, the plumes of seed vessels are as attractive as the flowers. BIG, BOLD, & BEAUTIFUL; needs some room. 

Soil: Any    H: 60-96" W: Indef.    B/M: Coral /8 

Chinese Plants/Chinese Native

  Maianthemum stellatum   see Smilacina stellata

Nomenclature disputes over the proper genus name for this plant are ongoing, in part because Smilacina flowers are trimerous and Maianthemum flowers are dimerous.


$9.99 Qt.


Malva alcea var. fastigiata    Malva, Hollyhock      Zone: 4-8    

Malva alcea var. fastigiataFastigiata is an upright variety, w/ deep-pink, 2-3" flowers from EARLY SUMMER 'TIL FROST. Plants are multi-stemmed, w/ rounded, velvety, light-green leaves. Both charming & quaint in appearance, although enduring & reliable in performance. Self-seeds some. 

Soil: Moist but well-drained    H: 36-48" W: 24"    B/M: Deep pink/ 6-10 

$11.99 Qt.

Malvaviscus drummondii 'Pam Puryear'   Pink Turks Cap         Zone 7b-10     

Malvaviscus drummondii 'Pam Puryear'   Pink Turks CapHas all the wonderful qualities of the species but with peach-pink, hibiscus-like flowers with unique swirled petals that never fully open.  Needs at least light shade.  Hummingbird magnet.  Copious amounts of nectar.

Soil:  Well-drained     H:  W: 5      B/M: Light peach pink/All summer

US Native Plants

Attracts Hummingbirds

$10.99 Qt.

Manfreda virginica  syn. Agave virginica     Virginia Century Plant     Zone: 5*-9      

Manfreda virginicaNative with a large rosette of fleshy but deciduous foliage. The flower, on a 48" scape is FRAGRANT green with orange anthers, in a tall, slender raceme. The fragrance is intense enough to perfume the air for 10-12'. Marvelous. The correct Latin name is now Manfreda virginica.   MOBOT says Zone 5 with protection.

Soil:  Well-drained    H: 8'   W: 8"       B/M:  Green/8-9

US Native Plants

What you're saying about us...

Thank you so much.  You must have spent hours packing and did a wonderful job.  All the plants are in great shape, considering what must have been a pretty warm trip.

Lorre,  Annandale, VA


$9.99 Qt.

Mazus reptans    Mazus, Blue     Zone: 4-9   

Mazus reptans    Mazus, BlueSemi-evergreen groundcover with mat-like foliage. Withstands foot traffic. Good carpeting for any but dry situations.  Absolutely gorgeous little, exotic orchid-like blooms on a vigorous spreader. Excellent in hanging baskets. 

Soil: Any but dry or wet    H: 1-2"  W: Indef.    B/M: Blue/ 5-6 


$9.99 Qt.


Mazus reptans 'Alba'    Mazus, White     Zone: 5-8     

Mazus reptans 'Alba'    Mazus, WhiteHimalayan semi-evergreen groundcover w/ mat-like foliage. Withstands foot traffic. Good carpeting for any but dry or very wet situations. Good for paving & bulb cover. Absolutely gorgeous little, exotic orchid-like blooms on a vigorous spreader. Excellent in hanging baskets. 

Soil: Most any    H: 1-2"  W: Indef.    B/M: White/ 5-6 


$11.99 Qt.

Medeola virginiana     Indian Cucumber Root               Zone: 4-10       

Medeola virginianaAlso know as Virginia Snake Root. The purple or dark blue fruit are non-poisonous, but it is best not to eat them as the plant needs them to multiply. Mature plants have a circle of 6-8 leaves about 6" above the ground & a second set of 3 leaves above those. When the berries turn blue-purple, the leaves below them turn red in the center. Native to the Eastern half of the US & listed as endangered in Florida and Illinois.  Ours, of course, is nursery propagated.  Note: Multiple tubers in pot -- usually 3. These tubers by nature are teeny, weeny! 

Soil: Well-drained   H: 12-36"  W: 8"   B/M: Greenish yellow/ 5-6 

US Native Plants

$9.99 Qt.

Melissa officinalis 'Aurea'     Golden Lemon Balm       Zone: 4-9    

Melissa officinalis 'Aurea'     Golden Lemon BalmShowy golden leaves.  This herb is used in tea & as a bee plant. Medicinally it is used as a wound dressing. Scorches in midday sun. Absolutely wonderful lemon scent - spring some on your floor and vacuum it up - yum!   Cut back after flowering.  And as a bonus, this delightful cottage garden plant will help keep deer out of your garden.

Soil: Moist but well-drained    H: 24" W: 12-18"    B/M: Insig. yellow/ July 

$9.99 Qt.

Mentha requienii     Corsican Mint       Zone: 6-9    

Mentha requieniiA great little 'groundcover' between pavers or stepping stones and the occasional mis-step onto the foliage releases a lovely mint smell.  Tiny, tiny, very flat foliage.  People usually freak at the word 'mint' but this is a charming little plant -- too short to take over anything!  Round, glabrous, bright green leaves give a mossy effect.

Soil: Most any but very dry      H:1/2"  W: Indef   B/M: Light purple/Summer

  Remember, Click on the Plant Name for Large Photos  for those you want to see  

$26.99 Qt.

New 5/28



Mertensia pterocarpa var. yezoensis   Japanese Blue Bells    Zone: 4-    

Mertensia pterocarpa var. yezoensis   Japanese Blue BellsJapanese Bluebells are Native to the mountains and forests of Japan.  A clump forming species that produces blue, bell-shaped blooms from mid to late spring and long lasting foliage that looks nothing like our Blue Bells.  It's much more like the glaucous foliage of a dwarf Blue Hosta.  Prefers cool soil.  Naturalizes well.  SUMMER DORMANT

Soil: Humusy, moist but well-drained     H: 10"  W: 12-24"       B/M:  Blue/4-5

Japanese Native

$9.99 Qt.

Mertensia pulmonarioides   (Mertensia. virginica)     Virginia Bluebells        Zone: 3-7     

Mertensia pulmonarioidesFlowers are pink in bud, opening to sky blue & occasionally pink! DORMANT in summer. Excellent for naturalizing. Happiest where it is moist but just fine in average woodland soil. Native.  A classic woodland plant. (Formerly M. virginica).  Atypical Roots

Soil: Humusy, moist but well-drained    H: 18"  W: 10"    B/M: Blue 4-5 

US Native Plants

$9.99 Qt.


Mimulus cardinalis         Scarlet Monkey Flower       Zone: 6-10        

Mimulus cardinalis      Scarket Monkey Flower

US Native with scarlet tubular flowers with yellow markings in the throat from July to Octobers over light green, sharply toothed, sticky leaves.  This creeping plant want fertile, very moist, humus rich soil that's moist even in winter.  Bees pollinate most Monkey Flowers BUT not this one -- Hummingbirds only - so expect to see them!  Host Plant for the Common Checkerspot and Buckeye butterfly caterpillars.  More tolerant of dryness than most.

Soil:  Ave. to Wet         H: 36" IB    W: 24"          B/M:  Scarlet Red/7-10

US Native Plants

Butterfly Host Plant

Attracts Hummingbirds

$9.99 Qt.



Mimulus guttatus     Common, Seep or Yellow Monkey Flower    Zone: 3-8     

Mimulus guttatus     Common, Seep or Yellow Monkey FloweUS Native called 'Seep' Monkey flowers because it's found in moist soil at the edges of seeps, streams and flowing washes anywhere - even deserts but more often mountains - anywhere there's moisture.  Yellow tubular flowers to 1" wide and 2.4" long often with orange spots on the lower lip and round to egg-shaped leaves with scalloped edges.  Variable in appearance and size, highly dependant on growing conditions.  Very floriferous for months.  Host Plant for Buckeye Butterfly.  If it gets dry, it may just go dormant but also may go dead!  :-)

Soil:  Ave. to Wet         H: 24-36" IB    W: 24"          B/M:    Yellow/7-10

US Native Plants

Butterfly Host PlantAttracts Hummingbirds


$9.99 Qt.

Mimulus ringens      Lavender Musk, Alleghany Monkey Flower    Zone: 3-9     

Mimulus ringensNative that grows along stream banks or wet meadows. The branched slender stems are about 2 ft. high. Very unique; looks more like a perennial than a water plant. Lovely snapdragon-like flowers just keep on appearing from June thru Sept. Rhizomatous.   

Soil:  Ave. to Wet         H:12-36"  W:  12"           B/M: Lavender/ 6-9

US Native Plants

Butterfly Host Plant

  Our many Miscanthus (Maiden Grass) are listed on the Grass Page


$10.99 Qt.



Mitella diphylla    Two-leaf Miterwort, Bishops Cap           Zone: 3-8      ( if dry)

Mitella diphylla    Two-leaf Miterwort, Bishops CapOpen woods (light shade) Native. Prefers part shade but tolerates full shade if dry.  Tiny white snowflake-like fringed flowers adorn 12" stems that have only a single pair of leaves half way up the stem, common name Two-Leaf Miterwort.  Slowly rhizomatous.  The blooms develop interesting cup-like fruits with tiny black seeds in side.  The Menominee Indians believed that the seeds had sacred properties and used them in their medicine dances.

Soil: Rich, well-drained        H: 12-18"  W: 6-12"        B/M: White/4-6

US Native Plants

Dwarf Bee Balms

We're going to give them their own section since they're become so-o-o-o popular!


$12.99 Qt.


Monarda didyma 'Fireball' PP14,235 ('Petite Red')   Bee Balm, Oswego Tea, Bergamot   Z: 4-9  

Monarda didyma 'Fireball'Dark green, semi-glossy, fragrant 'chunky' highly mildew resistant foliage with red globe blooms.  Much shorter than the average bee balm, appropriate for the middle of the border rather than the back.  I see varying information on height, down to 18" but for sure, it's much shorter than the average.  Very free flowering for a long time.

Soil:  Any but dry      H: 24"   W: 24"       B/M: Red/7-9 with deadheading

Attracts ButterfliesAttracts Hummingbirds

$12.99 Qt.

New 6/25

Monarda didyma 'Purple Lace'®   DWARF Bee Balm, Oswego Tea, Bergamot  Z: 4-9   

Monarda didyma 'Purple Lace'®   DWARF Bee Balm, Oswego Tea, BergamotA compact Bee Balm with deep Purple Red flower and foliage that's attractive dark green, aromatic with good mildew resistance. Clump forming.  Cold hardy enough to live in a container in much of the country and, wow, you can now have your Bee Balm at the FRONT OF THE BORDER!

Soil:  Any but dry     H:12-16"  W:  14-18"        B/M:  Purple Red/ 7-9 with deadheading

Attracts ButterfliesAttracts Hummingbirds

$11.99 Qt.

New 2017

Monarda didyma 'Sugar Lace'PP22918   DWARF Hybrid Bee Balm       Zone: 4-9     

Monarda didyma 'Sugar Lace'PP22918   DWARF Hybrid Bee BalmNew 2017, 'Sugar Lace' received it's patent because it's "characterized by its compact, upright and outwardly spreading plant habit; freely branching habit; freely flowering habit; red purple-colored flowers; and relatively resistance to Powdery Mildew".  That's not seller hype - that's the reason it earned it's patent!  And furthermore the patent says it's more compact and darker than 'Pink Lace'.  AND it's a semi-double so it has a very unique fluffy bloom!

Soil:  Moist but well-drained    H: 16-18"  W:      B/M:  Red purple/ 7-9 with deadheading

Attracts ButterfliesAttracts Hummingbirds

$12.99 Qt.


Monarda x 'Petite Delight' PP19580          Dwarf Bee Balm, Oswego Tea, Bergamot      Z: 4-9        

Monarda didyma 'Petite Delight' "Bred by Lynn Collicutt of the Morden Research Station in Morden, Manitoba. Lavender pink flowers in July and August atop deep green, shiny and clean foliage! More compact than others in the species. U.S. Vegetative propagation prohibited. Very low maintenance. Cherished by butterflies and hummingbirds, but loathed by deer. Also makes an excellent cut flower!" (North Creek)  Intensely fragrant!  Prefers full sun.  Probably from a M. didyma pollinated by M. fistulosa.

Soil:  Any but dry          H: 12-15"   W:  12"            B/M: Lavender Pink/7-8

Attracts ButterfliesAttracts Hummingbirds

  Full Size Monardas  

$10.99 Qt.

New 2017

Monarda bradburiana 'Prairie Gypsy'     Eastern Bee Balm, White Bergamot   Zone 5-8     

Monarda bradburiana 'Prairie Gypsy'Mildew resistant native that's much shorter that the Bee Balm most people know.  And it like dry to average soil!  It has masses of extra large 1 1/2" raspberry pink terminal flowers in clusters to 3" wide.  Each flower head is rests upon a whorl of showy, purplish-tinged, leafy bracts. It also has hairy stamens on the lower lip of flower tube and lip and colorful narrow spots.  It's fragrant!  Long bloom period.  Leaves can be used in teas.

Soil: Dry to average, well-drained     H: 12-24"  W: 12-24"     B/M: Raspberry Pink/ 6-7

Attracts ButterfliesAttracts Hummingbirds

$13.99 Qt.

Monarda didyma 'Bailef' PP16741   CORAL REEF®  Bee Balm, Oswego Tea, Bergamot  Z: 4-9   

Monarda didyma 'Bailef' - Coral ReefThis new introduction has hot pink blooms with coral overtones -- somewhat similar to 'Marshall's Delight (and is in fact a cross between that and 'Mahogany') with good mildew resistance, better drought tolerance and with darker green foliage which gives it more 'Umph' in the landscape.  Uniform growth habit and much stronger fragrance when crush than most so good for flavoring tees.

Soil:  Any but dry      H: 36-48"   W: Indef.       B/M: Hot pink/7-9 with deadheading

Attracts ButterfliesAttracts Hummingbirds

$9.99 Qt.

Monarda didyma 'Croftway Pink'   Bee Balm, Oswego Tea, Bergamot    Zone: 4-9    

Monarda didyma 'Croftway Pink'A beautiful clear rose pink.  The perfect center piece in a pink garden or a special flower arrangement!   This is a stunning color in the garden for a Bee Balm.  Typical delightful Bee Balm Scent.

Soil:  Any but dry      H: 30-36"   W: Indef.       B/M: Rose Pink/7-9 with deadheading

Attracts ButterfliesAttracts Hummingbirds



$9.99 Qt.

Monarda didyma 'Jacob Kline'     Bee Balm, Oswego Tea, Bergamot       Zone: 3-9     

Monarda didyma 'Jacob Kline'     Bee Balm, Oswego Tea, BergamotMASSIVE RED FLOWERS on a huge Monarda. Deep green foliage on one of the most MILDEW-RESISTANT RED bee balms on the market.  If you only have room for one red Monarda, this is the one to take a really hard look at!    This is such a spectacular looking plant for the back of the border or anywhere you just want to stop folks in their tracks!

Soil: Any but dry    H: 48-60"  W: Indef.    B/M: Really red! /7-9 with deadheading

Attracts ButterfliesAttracts Hummingbirds

$10.99 Qt.

Monarda didyma 'Purple Rooster'   Bee Balm, Oswego Tea, Bergamot   Z: 4-9  

Monarda didyma 'Pruple Rooster'   Bee Balm, Oswego Tea, BergamotIntroduced by David and Nancy Nedveck of Wisconsin in 2009, this yard tall Bee Balm will be a superb addition to the back of the border. With true Royal Purple blooms most of the summer that attract butterflies and hummingbirds, clean foliage and strong stems that never need staking. The color is astounding and unique in the genus.  VERY LONG BLOOMING!

Soil:  Any but dry      H: 36"IB   W: Indef.       B/M: Reddish Purple/7-9 with deadheading

Attracts ButterfliesAttracts Hummingbirds

$9.99 Qt.

Monarda didyma 'Raspberry Wine'     Bee Balm, Oswego Tea, Bergamot      Zone: 3-9    

Monarda didyma 'Raspberry Wine'     Bee Balm, Oswego Tea, BergamotPlantsman Darrell Probst introduced this deep raspberry-red Bee Balm. Even the unopened buds resemble raspberries! Clear wine red flowers from June thru August are often stacked two to a stem.. Highly MILDEW RESISTANT. 'Raspberry Wine' produces elegant wine-red flowers over dark green foliage. Splendid cut flowers. Prune back low to the ground each fall; divide as needed in spring. Very long blooming w/ deadheading.  Chicago Botanic Garden 'Best Plants'  

Soil: Any but dry     H: 36-48" W: Indef.     B/M: Wine red/ 7-9 with deadheading

Attracts ButterfliesAttracts Hummingbirds

$9.99 Qt.

Monarda punctata     Spotted Horsemint     Zone: 4-9        

Monarda punctataOutstanding Monarda for the meadow garden. The flowers are dense whorls of yellow spotted w/ purple against pink bracts. Bees & hummingbirds love it. Good in backgrounds. Culinary & medicinal uses. Spreading root system. Early blooming, native bee-balm. Self-seeds some. 

Soil: Most any     H: 18-24"  W: 18"     B/M: Pale yellow 5-6 

US Native Plants Attracts ButterfliesAttracts Hummingbirds

  Hybrid Bee Balms -- the following are hybrids between red Monarda didyma and Monarda fistulosa which can range white, pink to lavender.  What M. fistulosa add to the combination, in addition to a variety of  colors, is that it doesn't need as much moisture as M. didyma.  Hybrids with M. fistulosa are less thirsty.


$9.99 Qt.

Monarda didyma x fistulosa 'Gardenview Scarlet'     Hybrid Bee Balm     Z: 4-9    

Monarda didyma x fistulosa 'Gardenview Scarlet'Most beautiful scarlet. Vigorous grower. Rapid spreader. Good cut flower. Does best in full sun and poor soil as do all 'fistulosa's and their hybrids. This is the bee balm to plant if you don't have a moist spot in your garden. BIG BLOOMS.  One of the VERY BEST for mildew resistance.  Chicago Botanic Garden 'Best Plants'

Soil: Any, even dry    H: 24-36"   W:  Indef.   B/M: Rich, red/ 7-9 with deadheading

Attracts ButterfliesAttracts Hummingbirds

$9.99 Qt.

Monarda didyma x fistulosa 'Mahogany'     Hybrid Bee Balm     Zone: 4-9   

Monarda didyma x fistulosa 'Mahogany'     Hybrid Bee Balm'Mahogany' is especially upright in habit w/ dark-green foliage & large wine-red flowers. Splendid cut flowers. Prune back low to ground each fall; divide as needed in spring. Profuse bloomer, deep green leaves with hint of flower color on leaf edges. This is a M. fistulosa, so it can take poor soil that is not moist 

Soil: Any, even dry   H: 24-36"   W: Indef.   B/M: Deep wine red/ 7-8 

Attracts ButterfliesAttracts Hummingbirds

$9.99 Qt.


Muehlenbeckia axillaris (complexa) 'Nana'   Creeping Wire Vine     Zone: 5-10     

Muehlenbeckia axillaris (complexa) 'Nana'Much branched, sprawling small shrub from Australia and New Zealand found in gravelly and rocky places that forms a dense mat. Vigorous deciduous, creeping sub-shrub or twining climber with slender shoots and rounded to violin-shaped, dark green leaves. Translucent berries with black fruit embedded inside.

Soil: Sharply drained    H:3"  W: 12"     B/M: Insignificant



Mukdenia rossii 'Crimson Fans' (Karasuba)      Z: 4-8(9)       

Now listed on the A page under it's correct new name Aceriphyllum rossii 'Crimson Fans'


$13.99 Qt.

New 10/21

x Mukgenia NovaTM 'Flame'       Z: 3-9       Sun (Pacific NW) Light ShadePart Shade  

Mukgenia Nova™ 'Flame'TN.jpgNote:  The name MukGenia is not a typo!  'Flames' father was the fabulous Mukdenia 'Crimson Fans' (which gives it the great fall color) and it's Mother was a Bergenia who had no problem with intergeneric marriages ("hooking up" as the kids of today say with a plant in a completely different genus!)  She contributed the nifty jagged edge leaves.  Technically intergeneric species start with the letter 'x'.  Maybe because these 'hook ups' are just a little bit X-rated!  Of course, I suppose it could have been an arranged marriage by some plantsman with vision!   Whatever the reason, oh my goodness, this is a winner!

Soil: MOIST but well-drained        H: 8" (13" IB)   W: 14"       B/M:  Pink/4-6


$11.99 Qt.

Myosotis palustris 'Unforgetable' PP17796     Variegated Forget-Me-Not      Zone:  4-8   

AKA Mysotis scirpiodes 'Unforgetable'

A huge improvement over the species with the same sweet flowers but with creamy edged green foliage, which apparently tames the exuberant growth of the species.  Best in some shade.

Soil:  Ave. to moist     H:  6-8"  W:  6-12"     B/M:  Light blue/5-6

Attracts Butterflies

$9.99 Qt.

Cannot ship to CT or MA

Myosotis scorpiodes (palustris)     Perennial Forget-Me-Not      Zone: 4-10        

Myosotis scorpiodesTrue, perennial forget-me-not for fairly moist spots, even very shallow water. Narrow leaves form sprawling mounds. Bears small, blue flowers through summer. Very strong grower in moist soil.  Good groundcover in a swampy, spot.  Ours does fine in average soil but then takes the deluge of water that comes when it rains in a high run off area.

Soil: Moist      H: 6" W: Indef.           B/M: Blue Summer 

Note:  This plant can be an aggressive grower, especially in wet areas.  It's shouldn't be planted anywhere that you can't control it, especially a wetland area.  We find it's spread reasonable unless planted in a really wet spot.  Perfect in a soggy spot in your yard in a urban neighborhood for example, but not near a natural wetland area where you can't check it's spread in.  When it hits a dry spot, it controls itself in our long experience so it's fine for a boggy spot -- around your air condition, etc but not next to your neighborhood pond.


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Echinacea purpurea 'Fragrant Angel' PP16054

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