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All Plants on this page are in Trade Quart Pots (Qt.) which are 1.68Pints (794 ml) liquid measure. 

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$9.99 Qt.

Lamium galeobdolon 'Herman's Pride'    Lamiastrum, Yellow Archangel 'Herman's Pride'   Z: 3-9  

Lamium galeobdolon 'Herman's Pride'Silver white veins on dark green leaves. Yellow flowers. Fine for shade and part shade as a compact groundcover. Slow spreader. Not a running type. This is truly a spectacular foliage plant, unlike any other. 

Soil: Moist but well-drained   H: 6-12"   W: 12"     B/M: Yellow /5-6 


$11.99 Qt.

Sold out!

Lancea tibetica       Chinese Milkwort       Zone:        

Lancea tibeticaA beautiful tufted plant closely related to Mazus. Only two species occur, and are differentiated from Mazus by the globular seed pod which does not split when ripe. Flowers are two lipped, bright blue to mauve purple, and borne horizontally just above the creeping mats of foliage. Common name in Tibet translates to Milkwort 

Soil: Well-drained             H: 1-2"  W: Indef.             B/M:  Blue to Purple/

Chinese Plants/Chinese Native

$11.99 Qt.


Ledebouria (Scilla) cooperi     Cooper's Ledebouria, Striped False Squill, Zebra's Quill   Z: (6)7-10    

Ledebouria (Scilla) cooperi     Cooper's Ledebouria, Striped False Squill, Zebra's Quill Ledebouria is a Genus of deciduous ( or slightly evergreen) bulbs - relative to the well known Hyacinth - with glossy olive green leaves with both purplish spots on the inside of leaves and longitudinal purple stripes on the outside of the leaves, hence the common name Zebra's Quill.  Racemes of pink to purple bell-shaped flowers in summer. Keep dry in winter when dormant.  Spreads some but so short, it really can't hurt anything. 

Soil: Well-drained Acid       H: 2-3"      W: Indef.      B/M: Pink to Purple/Summer 6-7

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Shasta Daisies!  These are 'Bones of the Garden' plants - dependable and easy and long blooming - worthy of building a garden around.

Sadly they can't be shipped to CA, ID, NV, OR, TX , UT, and WA.. They're just way too happy there!


$9.99 Qt.

Sold out!


Leucanthemum x superbum 'Becky'  The Classic Shasta Daisy        Zone: 4-9          Full sunLight/dappled shade

Leucanthemum x superbum 'Becky'   Shasta DaisyA large flowered Shasta type daisy that lives for years! Large, single white flowers from JUNE - OCTOBER, if deadheaded. Makes a good cut flower. Deep shiny green foliage holds up well. Incredibly sturdy and heat tolerant.   Many Shastas will fail in heat and humidity but not Becky!

Soil: Rich, well-drained         H: 36-42" W: 36"       B/M: White/ 6-10 with deadheading

Cut flower Attracts Butterflies

No ship to CA, ID, NV, OR, TX, UT, WA

$12.99 Qt.

Leucanthemum x superbum 'Luna' PPAF      Yellow Double Shasta Daisy    Zone: 5-9  Full sunLight/dappled shade

Leucanthemum x superbum 'Luna' PPAF      Shasta DaisyShowy double blooms above a dense, upright mound of flowers.  Blooms start out yellow (for about 2 weeks) then gradually change to two tone of yellow and finally end up white. 'Luna' remains in the yellow phase for much longer than other yellow Shastas, some of which fade in just a few days.

Soil: Rich, well-drained        H: 19" (22" IB)   W: 19"       B/M: Yellow then white/6-8

Cut flower Attracts Butterflies

No ship to CA, ID, NV, OR, TX, UT, WA

  Leucosceptrum - Japanese Shrub Mints are tough, wonderful performers just waiting for a US Audience!   OK, let's hear some applause 'cause here they are!  

$10.99 Qt.

This is stunning!

Leucosceptrum japonicum 'Gold Variegated'   Japanese Variegated Mint Shrub  Zone: 4-8   

A very rare plant from Japan. Large golden variegated leaves that lighten up the woodland garden with golden, green splashed leaves. Blooms resemble miniature creamy yellow bottlebrush buckeye and open quite late in Fall -- in October - when not much is blooming in the shade. Should be well-watered until established, thereafter when the top couple of inches of soil are dry.  Needs a fair amount of sun. (Note, this is NOT a rampant Mint - that's just a common name.)  Like 'Mountain Madness' but with Gold instead of cream.

Soil:  Moist but well-drained     H: 24-36"   W: 36"       B/M:  Creamy yellow/9-10

Japanese Native

$15.99 Qt.

Leucosceptrum japonicum 'Mountain Madness'        Japanese Mint Shrub  Zone: 4-8   

Leucosceptrum japonicum 'Mountain Madness'        Japanese Mint ShrubSame as the species but the green leaves are softly splashed with cream which looks loves the creamy yellow blooms.  One of the most lovely plants for lightening up a shade garden.  Should be well-watered until established, thereafter when the top couple of inches of soil are dry.  Needs a fair amount of sun.  Morning sun is great.  (Note, this is NOT a rampant Mint - that's just a common name.)

Soil:  Moist but well-drained        H:36"    W: 36"           B/M:  Creamy yellow/9-10

Japanese Native

$11.99 Qt.

Sold Out!

Liatris microcephala 'White Sprite Strain'   Dwarf Gayfeather or Blazing Star         Zone: 3       

Liatris microcephala 'White Sprite Strain'   Dwarf Gayfeather or Blazing StarNew for 2017.  A dwarf white form of Blazing Star.  This is a select form of Liatris microcephala 'Alba'.  Makes a tidy little mound of foliage. In late summer, it has many, small, starry white flowers running up each of its multiple stems opening from the top down. This miniature fits perfectly in many landscape situations.

Soil: Well-drained           H: 6" (12-18" IB)   W: 6"        B/M: White/ 7-10 

US Native Plants

Attracts Butterflies

$10.99 Qt.

Sold Out!


Liatris spicata    Gayfeather, Blazing Star      Zone: 6-9      

Liatris spicata    Gayfeather, Blazing StarWhen there are so many cultivars of Blazing Stars, why would someone want the species?  Well because all the cultivars are bred to be more compact as though that's an all encompassing good quality.  BUT what if you actually want a taller, imposing back of the border plant?  Than the species is the way to go!  Strongly drought tolerant like it's sister, Liatris spicata 'Alba'.  Both also have proportionately longer blooms, 6-12" tall.  Up to 6' tall in it's native habitats.

Soil: Moist but well-drained           H: 36-48"+ IB  W: 18-24"      B/M: Violet/ 7-10

US Native Plants

Attracts Butterflies

$10.99 Qt.

Sold Out!

Liatris squarrosa     Earl's or Scaly Blazing Star        Zone:5-8          

Tufted red-violet flowers, distinctive in the genus above deep green, shiny, leathery foliage.  Thinner and with shorter flower stalks than other species with usually 4-5 flower heads per stem.  Robust and multi-branched.  Perfectly happy in pathetic soil!  As long as it's well-drained!  This is a 'button' bloom Liatris, rather than a spike.

Soil: Well-drained     H: 24-30"(IB)   W: 12-15"       B/M: Red violet/ 6-9

US Native Plants

Attracts Butterflies

$12.99 Qt.

Libertia procera        Zone: 7-9        

Libertia proceraWith sword-like, evergreen foliage, Libertia has spikes of 3 petaled blooms pure white blooms reaching up to 36" tall from late spring to early summer..  Extraordinarily beautiful and a delight for zones where it's warm enough to live.  These New Zealand plants grow from an Iris-like tuber and prefer to be on the dry side.  The purest white blooms are followed by black seeds.  Remove faded flower stems to promote re-growth'

Soil: Rich, dry to ave. well-drained        H: 24-36"  W:        B/M: White/ 5-6

  Shipping Lilliums:  Can ship when short or dormant in spring or again, in Fall.  Because foliage feeds the bulb, we can't cut it back significantly, so if it's too tall to ship, (longer than our 24" tube box) we have to wait until it's starting to go dormant in Fall.  

$19.99 Qt.



Lilium formosanum 'Himi'          Formosa or Taiwanese lily    Zone: (5)6-8    

Lilium formosanum 'Himi'          Formosa LilyFrom Taiwan with sweetly fragrant, 8-12" long trumpet-shaped bloom that are white tinged with reddish purple on the outside in this Cultivar.  Generally has 2-3 stiff stems with 8" long lanced shaped leaves.  Each stem has 2-3 (and even up to umbels of 10) blooms.  So one superbly grown plant can have up to 30 blooms.  That's uncommon but possible.  Easy to grow for the average gardener.  Rarely L. formosanum can have some pink/rose but 'Himi' has a huge amount of rose!

Soil: Slightly acidic, well-drained      H: 48-72"   W:  24-36"           B/M: White with reddish purple/8

 (see note on shipping above)

Japanese Native

$9.99 Qt.

Lilium superbum  Turk's Cap, Turkscap or Swamp Lily             Zone: 5-8

Lilium superbum  Turk's Cap, Turkscap or Swamp LilyA lovely Native lily with 2 1/2" orange blooms, spotted maroon, with a green star at the center (which distinguishes it from Lilium trigrinum of Asia).  Found in wet meadows and woods in the Easter US.  Showy and often very numerous flowers.  Sharply-reflexed sepals and petals curve backward to touch at the stem thus forming the "Turk's Cap". Shouldn't be allowed to dry out. Atypical Roots

Soil: Moist but well-drained         H: 4-7'  W: 6-9"      B/M:  Orange with a green start/7-9

US Native Plants

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