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FERN NOTE:  Ferns, in general, have a long period of winter dormancy and many do not 'push new growth' either foliage or roots until after most other perennials are up and going.  We ship ferns with early orders but want you to know that, in early spring, they may show no signs of life!  They may not be rooted into the pots because they loose their feeder roots over winter and regrow them.  Do not be alarmed by this.  This is their nature. Atypical Roots for more information. Simply plant them at the depth they are in their pot -- if you can tip our pots over carefully and remove the root ball intact, all the better.  Very few ferns are fussy growers!  

The Athyriums as a group are very heat and humidity tolerant, but young plants need to have their roots kept cool. Athyriums do not push new growth (roots or tops) during winter months and need a longer dormancy period than most plants.  What this means is, they are slow to be rooted in in the Spring.  That is their nature.  When you order in early spring, expect that the Athyrium will arrive dormant - little or no top growth or roots.  Do not be worried about this.  Simply plant them at the level they are in the pot.  They are easy, dependable plants and will start growing when they're ready!  They will appreciate good mulch the first year but do not put Mulch over the crown.

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$10.99 Qt.

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Athyrium felix-femina   Western Lady Fern     Zone: 4-9   

Athyrium felix-feminaBeautiful feathery, lance-shaped fronds. The stem may be green or red. Easy to grow but appreciates protection from the wind. Can take sun if the soil is moist. Reliable and beautiful in the garden. What people think of when they picture ferns!

Soil: Woodland    H: 12-36" W: 15"    Foliage/Crown: Deciduous/Erect

US Native Plants

$12.99 Qt.

Sold Out!


Athyrium filix-femina 'Minutissimum'      Dwarf Western Lady Fern     Zone: 4-9    

Athyrium filix-femina 'Minutissimum'      Dwarf Western Lady FernA deciduous Lady Fern with feathery, finely-divided light green fronds.  The dwarf version typically grows a sweet 6-10" tall and 20" wide.  Perfect for a shady area of the landscape that needs a small fern that's easy to grow.  Charming around shady ponds.

Soil: Woodland    H:6-12"   W: 12-18"    Foliage/Crown: Deciduous/Erect

US Native Plants


What you're saying about us...

Received my 'ferns' today and all is well. The packaging was superb and I'm happy to announce there was no obvious wilting or sulking. All is well and the transaction was perfect. The 'cats' are still playing in the shipping box so everyone is blissful. Hope you have a very nice day and thank you again for your patience and extreme helpfulness. Am looking forward to future transactions.                        

   Doris in Zachery, LA


$11.99 Qt.


Cheilanthes lanosa    Hairy Lip Fern        Zone: 5-8      

Cheilanthes lanosaA soft textured fern with fuzzy green fronds and a chestnut brown stipe (fern stem).  Perfect for troughs or rock walls but also performs well in average, VERY well-drained garden soil and/or in containers.  Although short, it's a stocky little fellow, twice as wide or more than tall.   Native Kansas to Connecticut, south to the Gulf Coast.   It tolerates several hours of direct sun but prefers bright shade.  Needs/prefers little water.  Likes cool roots.

Soil:  VERY well-drained     H: 6-8"  W: 12-15"     Foliage/Crown: Deciduous, Non-Creeping Crown 

US Native Plants

$11.99 Qt.


Cyrtomium falcatum 'Rochfordianum       Japanese Holly Fern     Part ShadeFull Shade     Zone: 6-10

Cyrtomium falcatum 'RochfordianumGenerally reaching 24" when well grown, this fern has a unique look all of itself.  Shiny, stiff pinnae look almost like holly foliage with fringe!   Vase-shaped fronds 1-2.5' long.  Will survive in Zone 5 with protection according to MOBOT.  Native to China, Japan and India.  Although not the typical fern, it's one of the most popular ferns and definitely one of the most lovely.  Easy as long as the soil is well-drained.  It won't tolerate poorly drained soil in winter.

Soil: Moist, humusy well-drained, Acid      H:18-24"  W:24-30"      B/M: na


Chinese Plants/Chinese Native

Deer Resistant

$12.99 Qt.


Diplazium pycnocarpon   Tennessee or Narrow Leaf Glade Fern    Zone: 4-9     

Diplazium pycnocarpon   Tennessee Glade Fern

We just love this fern, Native through the center of the US from Minnesota to Louisiana. It's clump-forming and easy to grow with 36" long arching sterile fronds which form an imposing clump 36-48" wide. The fertile fronds stand erect in the middle of this impressive fern with somewhat crinkled smaller fertile pinnae due to the Chevron pattern of spore producing sori on the back. Formally Athyrium pycnocarpon.

Soil: Moist, humusy well-drained         H: 24-42"  W: 36-48"     Foliage/Crown:  Deciduous/Creeping

US Native Plants

  Like Athyriums, Dryopteris are slow pushing growth in Spring and have along period of winter dormancy.  Your fern may arrive in early spring with little or no top growth and may not be strongly rooted in.  Like the Athyriums, simply plant them.  They will grow when they're ready!  For more detail, go back up to the description header for Athyriums.  

$11.99 Qt.

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Dryopteris dilatata 'Jimmy Dyce'   Upright Broad Wood Fern    Zone: 4-8      

Dryopteris dilatata 'Jimmy Dyce'   Upright Broad Wood FernWith a stiffly erect habit so much so that you can just cozy other plants right up next to it.  Ruffled, with almost a 3D effect) to its EVERGREEN fronds.  The is just an incredible fairly unknown fern!  A must have for the shade garden.

Soil: Moist, rich, acid      H: 12-24"  W: 16"    Foliage/Crown: 

What you're saying about us...

"The plants arrived yesterday and they are gorgeous. It was such a pleasure to unwrap each one and welcome it to our home.  Is there any way you could provide better service? Absolutely not--the service was flawless.

Allen in Richmond, VA whose order included ferns 4/17/09


$10.99 Qt.

Dryopteris filix-mas     Male Fern      Zone: 4-8      

Dryopteris filix-masOne of the best known and most STATELY wood ferns. Quite sun tolerant. The crown multiplies & should be divided frequently or you will loose the symmetry. ENDANGERED & RARE in the wild due to commercial collection. Not ours of course! Semi-evergreen. 

Soil: Moist but well-drained, rich, acid   H: 24-48" W: 36"         Foliage/Crown: Semi-evergreen/ Erect

$12.99 Qt.

Dryopteris goldiana      Goldie's Giant Wood Fern        Zone: 3-8      Part ShadeFull Shade 

Dryopteris goldiana      Goldie's Giant Wood Fern   The largest of Native Wood Ferns, reaching 4 feet in idea conditions!  But it's NOT GOLD!  It was named for Scottish botanist John Goldie.  This East Coast Native spread it's statuesque form and creates a tall canopy to under-plant with other woodland lovers.

Soil: MOIST but well-drained     H:36-48"  W: 36-48"      Foliage/Crown: Crown

US Native Plants

$11.99 Qt.


Dryopteris tokyoensis     Sword-leaved Wood Fern, Tokyo Wood Fern       Zone: 5-8       

Dryopteris tokyoensis     Sword-leaved Wood Fern, Tokyo Wood FernFrom the woodlands across Korea, comes a seldom seen but wonderful, easy to grow deciduous woodland fern.  Lovely fronds to 24" and to 6" wide that are one of the most upright and vase shaped.  Somewhat slow growing but fabulous when mature with it more formal upright form.

Soil: Moist but well-drained     H: 18-36" W: 18-36"          Foliage/Crown: 

$12.99 Qt.

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Dryopteris x complexa  ('Robusta')    Robust Male Fern      Zone: 4-9       

Dryopteris x complexa  ('Robusta')    Robust Male Fern AKA Broad Buckler fern and Dryopteris x complexa 'Robusta'.   It's a hybrid between D. affinis and D. filix-mas with the best characteristic of each: resulting in stronger yet more finely cut fronds. But still best in areas without strong winds. Semi-evergreen in warm winter climates. A robust grower!  Native to Europe and the US

Soil: Well drained, med moisture    H: 36-48" (60" rarely)  W: 36-48"   Foliage/Crown:

US Native Plants

What you're saying about us and our Ostrich Ferns...

"I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with my order that I received last week.  I ordered 3 Ostrich Ferns and a few vines.  All 5 plants arrived in perfect condition, no doubt due to your simple yet bulletproof packing design, something that too many others neglect.  The plants are already showing signs of good new growth ever with our weird late (cold) spring weather here in Minnesota this year.  I'm sure this won't be the last time I order from your huge selection!"

Erik gardens in Minneapolis, MN  05-08


$10.99 Qt.


Onoclea sensibilis     Sensitive Fern   Zone: (3)4-8     

Onoclea sensibilisUn-fernlike looking. Great groundcover because it spreads readily providing a carpet of pale-sea green fronds. Persistent fertile fronds look like beads on a stick. Dried arrangements; winter interest. 'Sensitive' because it is killed by frost. Takes SUN if MOIST. 

Soil: Ave to Moist      H: 12-30"  W: Indef.     Foliage/Crown: Deciduous Creeping 

US Native Plants 

  Wet to constantly moist soil is imperative for success with the following Osmundas. They quickly succumb in dry soil. The gorgeous ferns produce their elegant vases of foliage in sun or shade but must have moist sun.  We've grown one for MANY years in a large pot in our Koi Pond, just as they grown in nature, with the crown raised about 6" above water level -- the equivalent of being on a hummock in a bog.  We never change the soil or fertilize of course -- the fish do that for us!  These plants date back to prehistoric times!  

$10.99 Qt.


Osmunda cinnamomea   Cinnamon Fern    Zones 3-10   Moist or Average

Osmunda cinnamomeaThis fern is named for its bright cinnamon-colored fertile fronds which die down in summer. A robust fern that will grow in normal garden soil in part shade/shade but reaches maximum height only in bog conditions. In a very wet spot, it will take sun.

Soil: ACID, Ave to Moist      H: 3-5'  W: 3-5'       Foliage/Crown: Deciduous/Crown 

US Native Plants

$11.99 Qt.


Osmunda claytoniana     Interrupted Fern       Zones: 3-8    Moist or Average

A majestic fern that looks remarkably like the Cinnamon fern in the frond but is distinct in having the sporangia borne on fertile pinnae in the middle of the frond with vegetative leaflets above and below, which gives an "interrupted" effect to the frond.

Soil: Ave to Moist      H: 36-48"  W:        Foliage/Crown: Deciduous/Crown 

US Native Plants

$11.99 Qt.

Sold Out!


Osmunda regalis var. spectablis   Royal Fern      Zones 3-10   Moist or Average

Osmunda regalis var. spectablisThe kind of fern would you absolutely expect to find in Jurassic Park!  Can be huge with moist soil.  Our most un-fernlike looking fern -- and one of the prettiest. With frond more like leaf petals, you'd hardly know it close kin to the Cinnamon fern. Takes average soil in Part Shade, Shade but loves sitting on a 'hummock' in a bog -- where it often grows very tall!

Soil: Ave to Moist      H: 4-6'  W: 3-5'      Foliage/Crown: Deciduous/Crown 

US Native Plants

$10.99 Qt.

Sold Out!

Polystichum acrostichoides  Christmas Fern    Zone: 3-8     

Polystichum acrostichoidesVery hardy evergreen fern of deep rich green color. Leaflets are lance-shaped in dense clusters. Used by early settlers for Christmas decoration. TAKES DEEP SHADE. A dependable, easy favorite. Clump forming. Likes moist soil, but can take DRY, SHADE. Good for erosion control. 

Soil: Ave.-Moist but well-drained   H: 12-24" W: 36"    Foliage/Crown: Evergreen/Erect. 

US Native Plants

$10.99 Qt.

Thelypteris decursive-pinnata      Japanese Beech Fern    Zone: 4-10      Part ShadeShade

Thelypteris decursive-pinnataThis VIGOROUS grower is great for naturalizing without taking over your garden because it has SHORT runners. Beautiful, bright green which holds throughout the growing season through the first few frosts of Autumn. Easy to grow.  This fern is unknown and truly shouldn't be.  A great groundcover fern.

Soil: Ave. to moist, woodland    H: 12-24" W:    Foliage/Crown: Deciduous Erect w/ runners 

US Native Plants

$10.99 Qt.

Sold Out!

Thelypteris palustris     Marsh Fern        Zone:  3          

Thelypteris palustrisA fern common in many parts of the world found in wet, sunny areas.   The long running rhizome separates this from many ferns and the wide lowest pinnae pair distinguishes this from our own Thelypteris noveboracensis (New York fern) which it's quite similar to.  It's also similar to our Hay Scented fern and all three make good groundcovers but this in sunny wet areas and the others in more shade.  Erect to ascending compound fronds 4-7" across

Soil: Moist         H: 18-30"    W: Indef.        Foliage/Crown:

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