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  Clematis are under shrubs on the Ci-E Shrub page (the shrubby ones) or on the Vines page if a vine.  

$9.99 Qt.


Conoclinium coelestinum 'Cori'    Blue Ageratum/Mist Flower   Zone: 3-7    

Syn. Eupatorium coelestinum 'Cori'

Conoclinium (Eupatorium) coelestinum 'Cori'Thick clusters of small fluffy flowers, Cori offers a brighter, clearer blue than any Ageratum you've seen before. When late summer blues are hard to come by, this is a great one. A choice plant, you will rarely find for sale.  Easy care.  Select form of a US Native found East of the Rockies.

Soil: Any; moist well-drained best      H: 24" W: 24-36"               B/M: Blue/8-9    

$19.99 Qt.


Convallaria majalis 'Double Flower Form'    Double Lily of the Valley          Zone: 2-7     

Convallaria majalis 'Double Flower Form'    Double Lily of the ValleyWhat in the world, could you possibly do to improve the Lily of Valley with it legendary fragrance?  Well you could add more fragrance, more impact by turning the single blooms into double blooms.  Seems that's what Mother Nature decided to do!  Imagine a tiny vase of these on the nightstand by your bed as you slip off to Slumber Land!  Guaranteed 'sweet dreams!  Multiples readily so soon you'll have enough to put in every room!

Soil: Most any        H:6-12"   W: 6-12"       B/M: White/5-6

Deer Resistant

Japanese Native

$14.99 Qt.

Convallaria majalis 'Prolificans'       Double Lily of the Valley    Zone: 2-7     

Convallaria majalis 'Prolificans'       Double Lily of the ValleyAdorable, double blooms (actually multiple single blooms clustered like tiny pom-poms of egret white on a single stem) appear in late spring on graceful arching sprays and look lovely overhanging the dark green foliage.  This double flower form is just as easy care as the species.

Soil: Most any       H: 6-12"   W: 6-12"       B/M:  White/5-6 

Deer Resistant

 Japanese Native

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$9.99 Qt.

Sold Out!

Coreopsis 'Madras Magic' PPAF   Tickseed      Zone: 6-10    

Coreopsis 'Madras Magic' PPAF   Tickseed New 2017 an incredible Coreopsis with blooms that are bright and fresh, two-toned burgundy with light pink tips.  With an incredibly long bloom time (4 months), better hardiness, tidy habit and beautiful feathery foliage that mildew resistant - well what's not to love!  And if you don't know what "Madras" is, you're not a Boomer!

Soil: Moist but well-drained       H: 14" (20"IB)  W:  16"         B/M: Red with pink/ 6-9

Attracts Butterflies

$9.99 Qt.

Sold Out!

Coreopsis 'Polaris' PPAF   BIG BANGTM   White Tickseed         Zone: 4-9   

Coreopsis 'Polaris' PPAF  (BIG BANGTM)      White TickseedIt took 10 Years of Breeding and up to 8 different Coreopsis species by Darrel Probst to produce a Snow White Coreopsis for his Big Bang series!  Wow!  But it's not just the PURE WHITE that's a bang but has extended hardiness and a very long season of bloom from early summer to Fall. An absolute dream of a plant for a Moonlight Garden.  But like all the Big Bang Coreopsis are great in the blistering, humid heat of the South!

Soil:  Moist but well-drained         H: 15-18" W: 18"          B/M:  Pure White/ 6-9

Attracts Butterflies

$11.99 Qt.

Sold Out!

Coreopsis 'Redshift' PP20412   BIG BANGTM COREOPSIS     Zone: 4-9   

Coreopsis 'Redshift' PP20412   BIG BANGTM COREOPSIS"Like 'Full Moon' PP19367, the first Big Bang™ Coreopsis, 'Redshift' is also the result of 8 years of intensive breeding work and the crossing of 8 species of Coreopsis by hybridizer Darrell Probst.  They share the same parentage and are both clump-forming varieties with foliage that is intermediate between the threadleaf and grandiflora types."  Perennial Source.  4" yellow flower opens with red center, red color spreads across petal, ultimately becoming a red Corepsis by fall -- the opening yellow 'shifts' to red!

Soil: Well-drained       H: 15-20" (24-30" IB)    W: 18-24"       B/M: Creamy yellow with red eye  /6-10  

Attracts Butterflies


$13.99 Qt.

Coreopsis 'Ruby Frost' PP217585   HARDY JEWEL™   Tickseed      Zone: 6-10   

Coreopsis 'Ruby Frost' PP021758   HARDY JEWEL™   Tickseed From the Hardy Jewel™ Series (hardy, jewel-toned flowers of large size and with plants that are well branched).  Deep, ruby-red flowers with a frosted white outer edge.  Superb plant habit with flowers held beautifully upright.  This is a color breakthrough for Coreopsis.  The #2 visitor favorite Coreopsis in 2012 at the Mt. Cuba trials.  Easy to grow and doesn't seed about.

Soil: Well-drained   H: 16" (26"IB)   W:32"    B/M:  Ruby Red/6-9

US Native Plant Select Form

Attracts Butterflies

$10.99 Qt.

New 3/6

Hot, hot, hot!

Coreopsis tripteris 'Gold Standard'      Tall Tickseed      Zone:  4-9    

From the Mt. Cuba Center in their own words about their introduction: "Coreopsis tripteris ‘Gold Standard’ combines all of the great attributes of the straight species, like excellent hardiness and disease resistance, with a smaller and sturdier habit. Although still a large plant at just under 6’ tall, ‘Gold Standard’ has strong stems that never flop. Because ‘Gold Standard’ is sturdier, its flowers are better presented than the typical species. Bountiful masses of yellow flowers with dark cones begin in late summer when many other perennials are winding down. ‘Gold Standard’ is a rhizomatous perennial that spreads about 2’ over three years. This cultivar is a selection made by Mt. Cuba Center from seed collected in Alabama."

Soil: Any but soggy      H: 68"   W: 72"   B/M:  Gold/ 7-9  

Attracts Butterflies


$11.99 Qt.

Coreopsis verticillata 'Route 66' PPAF       Threadleaf Coreopsis     Zone: 4-9     

Coreopsis verticillata 'Route 66'Discovered at Bauer's Perennial Farm it appeared in their zone 5 garden in 2005 and has overwintered for 3 years.  They feel that due to the strength in zone 5 (that reached -15 degrees), that it will go as cold as zone 4.  Blooms June to October with a bright yellow bloom and a 'bleeding' burgundy red eye that with the red 'bleeding' down into the yellow and the predominant color.  By fall it becomes almost all red.  We actually visited Bauer's once on a road trip -- well worth the visit!

Soil: Moist but well-drained    H: 24-28" W: 24"      B/M:    /7-10

US Native Plant Select Form


  Any Corydalis may 'Estivate' - go dormant from heat but especially so IN our greenhouses where, in pots above ground, the roots get much warmer than they ever would in garden soil.  They return when in a cooler setting.  This is not reflective of what they do in the ground which is never 100 degrees as our greenhouses can be so it rarely happens in the garden.

USE NO CHEMICALS ON CORYDALIS.  Fortunately, they aren't bothered by much of anything that needs chemicals.


$11.99 Qt.

Corydalis 'Blackberry Wine'      Zone: 5-8A        cool areas,

Corydalis 'Blackberry Wine'An amazing new corydalis from China that is taking the trade by storm.  Usually corydalis dislike heat and have to live in the shade but this guy will take full sun or light shade in superbly drained soil and grow to a stunning 24" wide clump topped with fragrant, wine-purple flowers from mid-April through November.  Will take sun but there is more chance it will Estivate (go dormant from summer heat) when placed in sun in warm zones.  In medium shade, ours never goes dormant in zone 7.  Some sources list it only for Sun/Light shade but we grow ours under an 80% shade cloth or a huge pine tree, which is pretty deep shade.  They 'stretch' a bit but otherwise do fine.

Soil: Well-drained    H: 10" W: 24"    B/M: Wine-purple/5-11 

Chinese Plants/Chinese Native

$11.99 Qt.

Sold out!

Corydalis cheilanthifolia        Chinese or Fernleaf Corydalis       Zone: 5-8       

Corydalis cheilanthifoliaThis yellow flowering, evergreen, corydalis looks like a fern. Long, delicate leaves from a central rosette. Elegant foliage has bronze tints, especially in cool weather. Dense spikes of short-spurred flowers. Easy in gardens, tough in pots, so rarely available. Colonizer. Imagine this delicate looking thing -- evergreen in the dead of winter!   One of our 2 favorites!

Soil: Rich, MOIST but well-drained         H: 12" W: 20"          B/M: Bright yellow Spring

Chinese Plants/Chinese Native

$11.99 Qt.

Corydalis leucanthema 'Silver Spectre'     False Bleeding Heart    Zone: 5-8A      

Corydalis sp 'Silver Spectre'Collected by Dan Hinkley in 1996 in Sichuan, China but has found 'Happy Home' in the Southeast where it doesn't seem to mind the heat plus humidity.  Olive green foliage is white-washed with silver in the center but emerges almost looking frosted.  Like many, it will Estivate (go dormant in summer heat) but cheerfully pops back up when cooler weather starts again in Fall.  Steady spreader, about a foot a year.  Light lavender blooms have dark purple lips.  Easy grower from small Dahlia like tubers.  AKA. Corydalis sp. 'Silver Spectre' as a few experts do not believe it is a form of C. leucanthema.

Soil:  Moist but well-drained    H: 12"  W:  Slowly indefinite    B/M:  Light Lavender/

Chinese Plants/Chinese Native

$10.99 Qt.

Corydalis solida         False Bleeding Heart         Zone: 3-8    

Corydalis solida         False Bleeding HeartBeautiful drifts of fern-like, finely cut foliage and blooms of dusky-mauve.  A spring ephemeral, it blooms early in spring, sets seed and then takes a long nap until the next spring.  A nice early season cover until other plants come up.  This plant is just no-brainer easy to grow!  It won't live in a wet spot but other than that, "If you plant it, it will grow!"

Soil: Moist but well-drained         H: 6-10"  W: 6-10"       B/M: Dusky Mauve/4-5


$10.99 Qt.

Sold Out!

Corydalis solida 'Beth Evans'       False Bleeding Heart           Zone: 3-8    

Corydalis solida 'Beth Evans'       False Bleeding Heart Like the species: Beautiful drifts of fern-like, finely cut foliage and blooms of rich, medium pink with white lips.  A spring ephemeral, it blooms early in spring, sets seed and then takes a long nap until the next spring.  A nice early season cover until other plants come up.  This plant is just no-brainer easy to grow!  It won't live in a wet spot but other than that, "If you plant it, it will grow!"

Moist but well-drained         H: 6-10"  W: 6-10"       B/M: Rich Medium Pink /4-5


$24.99 Qt.


Crinum macowanii      Cape Coast Lily, River Crinum       Zone: 8-11     

Crinum macowaniiGrown from Silverhill Seeds.  Deep blue green foliage with slightly wavy margins.  Blooms stalks can have as many as 25 blooms per umbel.   Deep pink buds open to pales pink/white blooms sometimes with pink ribs.  Native to South Africa.  Rarely offsets so must be grown from seed which takes 3-5 years to bloom size if you're wondering about the hefty price.  The easiest Crinum to cultivate and spectacular in bloom.  Sweetly scented flowers, which can hang down or face out,  open in the evening and last two days.    Great grown and left in pots -- don't like their roots disturbed.

Soil: Rich, MOIST but well-drained    H: 24-36" W:     Bloom/Time:  White to pink/10-12

  Hardy Cyclamen -- are bulbs!

In spring, they are starting to go summer dormant, losing foliage and feeder roots, which will return in Fall.  We strongly recommend if yours arrive dormant that you plant them in well-drained soil and leave them alone.  Watering dormant plants in pots is somewhere between a skill and an art - and not so easy.  Put them in we'll drained soil, where they actually like 'root competition' from trees and let Mother Nature do the watering.  They need no extra water when dormant.  Note, they like root competition, even from a maple tree BUT they don't like foliage competition, so don't let their neighbors crowd them.

PRICING- - Plants are priced by Leaf/Bloom Color and Age/Size)  -- More sought after coloration and/or  larger/older bulbs are more expensive.


$12.99 Qt.

Cyclamen graecum             Greek Cyclamen                                        Zone:  (7)8-9

Cyclamen graecum   Greek CyclamenNot especially hardy BUT if you're in a warm zone with scree, rock garden or superb drainage or are skilled at pot culture (dry when dormant), this sun-loving species, hailing from Greece, has the most beautiful foliage of the Genus and extremely elegant flowers, opening in early Fall.  By in large pink, there is the occasional white.  The foliage is highly variable, almost like velvet when it unfurls with striking silver or pewter marking.  Moore (1996) says "...the basic colour is dark green, though all shades from black/green through grey/green to lime green can be found. The leaf pattern is usually contrasting blotches or bands of cream, green, grey or silver. The combinations are so numerous that a collection of different leaf forms could be a study in itself."   Will take frost IF the tuber is buried deeply.  They appreciate decayed pine needles!  They do not like over-potting, so repot when the bulb really needs to get out of the pot!

Soil: Superbly drained, acid        H: 3"  W: 6"       B/M:    Mostly pink, occasionally a white/8-10


$14.99 Qt.

Cyclamen graecum,  silver/pewter foliage   Silver/Pewter Greek Cyclamen          Zone:  (7)8-9

Cyclamen graecum,  silver/pewter foliage As above but with predominantly silver/pewter leaves.  There's such amazing variety to C. graecum leaves but these have distinctly more silver than green.  Not all silver, they have the distinctive beautiful pattern but significantly more silver than green.  If growing in a pot, they shouldn't be repotted until they touch the sides of the pot.   Will take frost IF the tuber is buried deeply, so for very warm areas or pots where it appreciates decayed pine needles!

Soil: Superbly drained, acid        H: 3"  W: 6"       B/M:    Mostly pink, occasionally a white/8-10



Cyrtomium falcatum 'Rochfordianum'   and Cystopteris bulbifera   Listed on the Fern Page  



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