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The Pinterest Wish List
If you haven't discovered Pinterest, oh my goodness, you're in for a treat!  It's a free 'place' where you can make visual and text notes on anything your interested in.  Whether it's plants you want, ideas for designs, how to grow plants, visual links to your favorite blogs and websites - pretty much anything you want to keep track of!

We are in the process of adding links to all of our photo pages (but with 2000+ it will take awhile) but once your make a Pinterest Board, you can Pin that site or page even if the page doesn't have a Pin It button.


Signing up for Pinterest is free and easy.   https://www.pinterest.com/join/

Yours 'boards' can be public or private (like the one I made when I was planning a 'Funny Food Fest' for my husband's birthday and only our staff was invited to visit!  I didn't want my husband to stumble across it so it wasn't public.  How about a Christmas Wish lists for your kids that are private and a Christmas List for yourself that's open to everybody!  (Well, some perfect stranger might get you a Christmas present!)


Visit Lazy S'S Farm brand new Pinterest Page

(and hopefully 'Follow Us') where you'll see us putting more and more information online there in a way that we can show links to useful resources on the web and then set up your own Pinterest Boards!  Now don't forget to make one of them a gardening board!

Here's what our 'growing' Hardy Orchid Board looked like on Day 1.   Wow, something that grows in the winter!  Hm-m-m-m.....

You can grow your 'Pinterest' garden page until spring comes!


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