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Meet Katie - Maya's Puppy                          Back to Lazy S'S Home Page

We knew within a few weeks that Katie was 'The Chosen One' from Maya's litter and she quickly adopted a Superior attitude!  Here she is boldly stealing from her Mom's food dish.

Katie, left and Momma Maya taking a swim in our pond.

This game is called "Steal the trash and run away fast with a leaf stuck to your ear!"

Here's Katie sleeping after her big run with her left front leg just sticking up in the air!  No, she's not stretching -- she's asleep -- with one leg held 4" off the ground.  :-)

Katie discovered baseball caps today.  This is Maya telling her that just because Pete and Austin wear hats, that doesn't mean she has to wear one to be an Official Greeter at Lazy S'S Farm!  Katie, however is not convinced!


Maybe I should wear it at a more rakish angle instead of backwards..."

"Well, gosh this still doesn't seem quite right.  Maybe 'Dad' can help me figure out how to wear it when he finishes work!"

When she's not doing other 'jobs', Katie, perched high atop a dirt pile, keeps a lookout for varmints! 

After we take a shade cloth from a greenhouse, we're supposed to fold it up neatly and put it away.

Katie volunteered to 'help' with the folding!  

Katie was worried that when her 7 sisters and one brother left, that there would be no one to play with but she found out Momma Maya can hold her own in a game of puppy fighting!

We're so glad you stopped by to 'meet' us!

Katie and Maya


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