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Our Granddaughter - Carolanne born Sept. 5th 2007

At 2 hours old -- about 8 of us looking in the window and she's carefully checking us all out!


Age 1: Already interested in plants (well of course!) she's very good at watering them with her swimming pool water! At about 3 Tablespoons per trip, she's entertained for a very long time with this 'chore'!

Age 2: Thank you for buying plants from my Oma and Opa!


Age 2 1/2: Showing her Great Grandmother her dance moves!

Age 3 1/2 - Although she can't quite swim , she's fearless on the waterslides!

Age 4 - oh this is scary, she's starting to grow up!  Yikes!

Age 4, going on a hayride with me her Oma!

Followed by a vigorous Caterpillar ride!

Age 4, her first ride on a Zip Line.  She was wild about it!

Well, not as exciting as the zip line but she liked this too!

Age 4: A first camel ride!  She wasn't real sure about this at first!

Age 5 - Opa inspects the Potholder she's weaving for her Mom for Christmas!

Age 5 - Meeting her brand new cousin Beckham and trying her hand at feeding!  She said she wished she'd gotten a baby for Christmas!

Age 5 - Carolanne in her new hand knit Christmas Sweater and Hat!  'Omas' winter hobby is knitting!

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