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Potentilla x cultorum 'Flamenco'

Potentilla x cultorum 'Flamenco'

Potentilla neumanniana 'Nana'

Potentilla neumanniana 'Nana'

Potentilla x hopwoodiana

Potentilla x hopwoodiana

Potentilla gracilis 'Pulchellum'

Potentilla gracilis 'Pulchellum'

Potentilla thurberi 'Monarch's Velvet'







Lazy S'S Farm Nursery Recently Added Plants  



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Special Plant Lists -- Deer Resistant, Hummingbirds, Butterflies, Natives, Etc.


Plants on this list are those that are added after our major changes at the beginning of the new season.  To order these new plants, simply click on the link to to go to their listing on our catalog pages.

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Shrubs & Vines


Anemone 'Macane004' PPAF DREAMING SWANTM

Anemone x 'Macane001' PP23132 WILD SWANTM

Angelica gigas

Asplenium platyneuron

Corydalis 'Craigton Blue'

Heuchera sanguinea 'Snow Storm'

Houstonia caerulea

Linaria purpurea 'LSS Pink Form'

Osmunda regalis var. spectablis

Roscoea auriculata

Roscoea cautleyoides


Adenostyles alpina

Amsonia x 'Seaford Skies'

Astilbe x arendsii ''Chocolate Shogun' PP26430



Monarda didyma 'Beauty of Cobham'
Penstemon x mexicali 'Windwalker'
Perovskia atriplicifolia 'Lacey Blue' PP20845
Phlox paniculata 'Shockwave' PP23265
Phlox x 'Minnie Pearl'
Polygonatum curvistylum
Stokesia laevis 'Blue Danube'
Thalictrum delavayi 'Hewitt's Double'
Tradescantia x andersoniana 'Innocence'

Ceratostigma x willmottianum 'My Love' PP19269


Armoracia rusticana 'Variegata'

Chelone obliqua

Dianthus 'Devon Xera' PP14895 (FIRE STARTM)

Digitalis purpurea 'Dalmatian Peach'

Digitalis purpurea 'Dalmatian Rose'

Helenium 'Ruby Tuesday' PP18234

Lobelia x gerardii 'Vedrariensis'

Lobelia x 'Grape Knee-Hi' PP13264

Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Niger'


Buddleia x_weyeriana 'Honeycomb'

Hydrangea serrata 'MAK20' ppaf (TUFF STUFFTM)


Betula nigra 'BNMTF'  DURA-HEAT® River Birch

Clematis 'Zojogo' PPAF   JOLLY GOODTM Clematis

Clematis 'Zostiwa' pp20372   STILL WATERSTM Clematis

Cornus alba 'Stdazam' Strawberry Daiquiri

Loropetalum chinense 'Hakuou' ppaf  JAZZ HANDS® DWARF


Loropetalum chinense 'Irodoi' ppaf  JAZZ HANDS® BOLD

Loropetalum chinense 'Kurenai Daiou' ppaf  JAZZ HANDS®


Stewartia koreana

Syringa reticulata 'Ivory Silk'

1/3-6 Begonia aff. taipeiensis

Lilium formosanum

Phlox paniculata 'Katherine'

Salvia nipponica 'Fuji Snow'

Abeliophyllum distichum
Clematis 'Princess Diana'
Deutzia gracilis 'Mincream' PP25703 (Crème Fraiche®)
Deutzia gracilis 'White Splashed'
Diervilla rivularis 'SMNDRSF' (Kodiak® Black)
Diervilla rivularis 'Troja Black'
Distylium myricoides
Ficus 'Olympian'
Forsythia 'Show Off™ Sugar Baby' ppaf
Humulus lupulus 'Cascade'
Humulus lupulus 'Centennial'
Humulus lupulus 'Fuggle'
Prunus subhirtella 'Pendula'
Ribes missouriensis
Salix repens argentea
Viburnum dentatum 'Synnestvedt' (CHICAGO LUSTRE®)
Viburnum rhytidophyllum
Weigela florida 'Elvera' PP12217 (MIDNIGHT WINE™)


Actaea rubra f. leucocarpa

Actaea rubra f. leucocarpa

Spigelia marilandica

Spigelia marilandica

Geranium phaeum 'Raven'

Geranium phaeum 'Raven'

Echinacea purpurea 'Fragrant Angel' PP16054

Echinacea purpurea 'Fragrant Angel' PP16054

Peltoboykinia watanabei

Peltoboykinia watanabei

Helleborus x hybridus 'Sparkling Diamond'

Helleborus 'Sparkling Diamond'

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