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200+ new plants for 2014

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Lazy S'S Farm Nursery


Rare & New plus Tried & True  Perennials, Shrubs and Trees 

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Rare, Unusual & New or Tried & True PerennialsLazy S'S Farm Nursery is a husband/wife owned business in operation for 43 years, north of Charlottesville, VA.  We offer over 2000+ varieties of Perennials, Shrubs and Trees.   We have one of the largest retail selections of plants in the Country.  You'll love our selection of 


Rare, Unusual & New Perennials, Shrubs and Trees plus the Tried & True Classics


We're unique in that we are a Retail Mail Order Nursery that grows all (and propagates most) of our own plants and then sells them directly to the public.  You will see a difference in plants that aren't mass produced but grown the old fashioned way, with loving hands instead of machines and with scissors and pruners rather than Growth Regulators and lots of chemicals.  

And what do people have to say about our mail order plants and shipping? 

"I will never waste my time ordering from another online nursery again.  Your communication, quality of your plants and ship time far surpass any of the others I have tried online. Your packing is sheer genius and the plants arrived happy and safe!  Thank you for taking the worry out of online plant shopping. You have my loyal patronage!"                          Michele,  Gainesville, VA 7/1/08

Tip:  Our website is HUGE and getting in the habit of using your Back Button is the easiest way to navigate when you want to 'Go Back' to where you were.   We have lots of links and 'return' buttons but your 'Back Button' always takes you back!

Lazy S'S Farm Nursery Staff

The 'Lazy' Staff

There's a new caterpillar in our greenhouses!

First Grandson!

Our Retail Garden Center is now Closed.   Mail Order Only.


In 2006, we made a transition from being primarily a Retail Business to being a completely Internet-Based Mail Order Business!   We're thrilled at the wonderful response we've had from our Mail Order customers & look forward to giving you the same service that we always offered to our local Retail Garden Center customers.

Pick Up Service for Local Customers is no Longer Possible.  We couldn't justify the VERY expensive liability insurance.

Pictures of our First Granddaughter!

New pictures!

Meet Katie

Meet Maya

Hops the Cat!

We have friends in Low Places!   

Come see who they are...

(Most, but not all, are human!)

About the Nursery's Name...

When the original owners, Terri and Pete Sheuchenko, the parents of the current owners, had a sheep/cattle ranch in California, their Brand for Lazy S'S Ranch was sideways or 'Lazy' S's.


Having a recognizable brand is important when raising livestock to identify stock.  When they moved to Virginia, they used the same name but changed Ranch to Farm, since Ranch sounded a little strange in Virginia!  


 If you look closely at the logo at left, you'll see the sideways S's, shown here in white with a black leaf at the bottom to make the old sheep/cattle 'brand' a little more nursery-like.


In answer to the occasional question about our name:

"No -- the Sheuchenkos were a lovely, very conservative older Ukrainian couple and the possible 'play on words' or naughty 'sound alike' term for Lazy S'S didn't occur to them until their first Halloween here when the sign out front was altered by high school pranksters!!"   :-)

Public Gardens  

From Florida to Alaska, East to West, these beautiful gardens are where some of our plants can be seen.

The Retail Business and 28 Acres of Land are For Sale!

for more information see: Nursery for Sale

No worries to our customers regarding the sale of the nursery -- we're looking for just the right people to continue our 42 year old tradition of superb service and plants and won't sell until we find them! 

Dear Gardening Friends,

     We're  so glad you stopped by to visit.  We want to thank you for helping us do what we love to do -- grow plants!

Debby & Pete Sheuchenko



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Lazy S'S Farm Nursery

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Nursery for Sale  and  What that means to our Customers